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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus Terminates Lucio's Contract

What a memorable ride it has been. There's been so much happen in such a short amount of time. Ha. Who the hell am I kidding.

Valerio Pennicino

Turns out, some of the wild stuff the Italian press says is actually true. Credibility ahoy! They're not full of crap after all.

Just days after numerous reports of Lucio leaving Juventus' training camp in Vinovo, the Brazilian defender is no hitting the unemployment line. Juve terminated the contract of th 34-year-old Brazilian defender, ending his career in Turin just four months after it started.

What a deal! Sign a Lucio for free in the summer and he'll be gone in December!

The move was announced Monday morning on Juventus' official website.

Even when he was on the field, it's not like Lucio showed much of anything at all. There was this. Then there was this. And then he pretty much barely played at all when the regular season began.

In total, Lucio made four official appearances in a Juventus jersey — one in Serie A, two in the Champions League, and one in the victorious Italian Super Cup final against Napoli. At least he didn't cost anything.

At least Lucio's got one thing going for him: He's currently Juventus' highest-rated player in league competition on WhoScored. We'll always have those handful of appearances, man.

So long, Lucio. We hardly knew ye — and maybe that's a good thing.