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Serie A Campionato 2021-22

Juventus’ top 15 goals of the 2021-22 season

Our countdown of Juve’s best strikes lives on!

May’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: A Bitter End

Why end the season on a positive note when you can just be terrible instead, right?

Guest Post: Ciao, Chiellini — Saying goodbye to a Juventus and Italy legend

Giorgio Chiellini’s Juventus career is now, unfortunately, only something we can refer to in the past tense. But what was it like to be there as Chiello said goobye?

Juventus 2021-22 Season Ratings: The Manager

One of the most successful coaches in Juve history failed to replicate his highs during his return season. Does that mean Mad Max’s best days behind him?

Juventus 2021-22 Season Ratings: The Forwards

A lot of dudes, not a lot of productivity.

Juventus 2021-22 Season Ratings: The Midfielders

Juventus’ midfield wasn’t necessarily a complete black hole this past season, but it’s not like they were all that good, either.

Juventus 2021-22 Season Ratings: The Fullbacks

On we go in the season review! Next in line: the fullbacks.

Juventus 2021-22 Season Ratings: The Center Backs

Next up in our season ratings are the central defenders, an area that has long been a strength for Juve

Juventus 2021-22 Season Ratings: The Goalkeepers

We begin our season ratings with the same position group that we always do — the dudes who get to use their hands and are screaming at their teammates for 90 minutes each game.

The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 101: The 2021-22 Season Review Extravaganza!

There are some awards to hand out, but be warned that not all of them are good ones. (We’re looking at you, players who have not had vey good seasons.)

The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 100: The last dance with Chiello and La Joya

Juventus signed off for the 2021-22 season with a we’re-on-the-beach kind of performance against Fiorentina this past weekend, but the real memorable moments came last Monday night at Allianz Stadium — for good and for bad.

Report: Giorgio Chiellini close to finalizing deal with Los Angeles FC

Who’s ready to see Chiellini make some random cameos in movies later this summer?

Manu’s Grab Bag: The Long & Winding Road

We talk this season finally coming to an end, the Captain’s last hurrah and the final rankings of the year.

Juve sleepwalk into uncertain offseason with season-ending loss to Fiorentina

It was a major stinker for Juve, who saw their opponents celebrate European qualification.

Allegri: Juventus need to score more goals, play with more intensity

Coach’s comments after the end of an empty-handed season

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Fiorentina

One last chance at three points for the road.

Rival Q&A: Talking Juventus-Roma ahead of the Coppa Italia Femminile final

With one last Juventus Women game remaining, we get a little bit of insight into the opposition.

Reports: Juventus, Paul Pogba agree to personal terms

A former Juventus player looks to be ready to become a Juventus player again.

Allegri: Juventus must improve from this season

Coach’s comments as Juventus trip to Florence brought forward

Report: Juventus’ Ángel Di Maria, Paul Pogba signings ‘at the final stage’

Well, the transfer market looks like it’s picking up.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Lisa Boattin, Pauline Peyraud Magnin sign on through 2024

Two very important players aren’t going anywhere.

Reports: Juventus will not exercise Alvaro Morata’s buy option

A summer of changes adds another name to the departure list.

Report: Federico Bernardeschi will not sign a new deal with Juventus

Another one bites the dust.

Report: Juventus ‘progressing’ in talks with Ángel Di Maria

As one Argentine gets set to depart Juventus, another one looks like he could be coming to Turin.

Manu’s Grab Bag: Final Goodbyes

We talk choking away another result, promising young guys and the farewells that were.

Reports: Juventus ‘close’ to signing Matthijs de Ligt to contract extension

Give him all of the years.

Results are secondary as Chiellini and Dybala say their goodbyes

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Allegri: It was a night for Dybala and Chiellini

Not a dry eye in the house as Juve bids farewell to two cornerstones of the team

Juventus 2 - Lazio 2: Initial reaction and random observations

I’m not crying, YOU are crying.

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Lazio

In a game that means not for Juventus, it’s bound to be an emotional day nonetheless.

Round 37: Juventus vs. Lazio match preview

It’s a game that ultimately doesn’t mean much at all for Juventus, it’s also a day to say goodbye to two stalwarts.

Allegri: We’ll try to improve the team in the summer

Coach’s comments ahead of challenging Monday night fixture against Lazio


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