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Link Dumps

Juventus news link dump for Sept. 22nd

We're still looking for a name for this article.

"Your Title Here" — Juventus news link dump

An article for the readers, by the readers, written by us.

Pre-weekend, pre-Fiorentina, mega-Pogba link dump

Warning: Lots of Paul Pogba. Why? Because he's awesome, that's why.

Pre-weekend, pre-Turin derby Juventus link dump

Juventus primavera winning a trophy. Discussing Conte swagger. Talking about Juventus' inability to finish against teams from Verona. Hey, just another day in the life.

Sunday Funday Juventus-related link dumpage

Here's a new discovery I just made: International breaks are boring. So now, in honor of everybody's favorite two weeks without calcio at the beginning of September, here's a link dump to hopefully help pass the time.

The link dump before the season-opening storm

The Serie A season is almost here. Now it's just a matter of surviving the last few days before the games actually begin and we have something to do on weekends again.

Pre-Confenderations Cup link dump

Transfer rumors, press conferences, and declaring why Claudio Marchisio is important to Juventus. Seems like just another week at the office.

Weekend link dumping

Why a link dump? Well, you probably need a break from laughing after all of those Paul Pogba-Arsenal rumors that almost broke the internet.

Dropping all kinds of wonderful Juventus links

There's just a few short days before Juventus wraps up the Scudetto. You'd think there would be a lot of stuff going on, right? We'll see.

Late Friday/early weekend link dumpage

The Aftermath: Juventus-Bayern Munich link dump

Wednesday afternoon/night reading if you feel so inclined. And it was such a great game, you know you want to relive this one over and over and over and over again. THAT GOOD, PEOPLE. That good.