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Sunday Poll: How many goals will Dusan Vlahovic finish with this season?

Dude’s been good!

Sunday Poll: How many games will Paul Pogba start in Serie A this season?

Maybe something good can happen? Maybe?

Friday Poll: How would you rate Juventus’ summer mercato?

The summer transfer window is closed. The madness can now only come on the field for the next few months. (Hopefully.)

Friday Poll: Where will Juventus finish in Serie A this season?

The new season is a day away from beginning. So we ask the biggest question of all.

Sunday Poll: How optimistic are you that a Romelu Lukaku deal would work out well?

Things are looking like they could be put in motion soon in more ways than one.

Sunday Poll: How optimistic are you about Juventus’ summer mercato?

July is just a few days away. That means transfers will be happening.

Weekend Poll: Will Angel Di Maria stay at Juventus beyond this season?

Maybe there’s a chance? Maybe?

Friday Poll: Does Juventus make it to the Europa League Round of 16?

We only ask the hard-hitting questions here at BWRAO.

Friday Poll: With Chiesa and Di Maria healthy, should the 3-5-2 still be a thing?

They are two of Juve’s most talented players, but we don’t know if they are going to actually play alongside each other for an extended period of time just yet.