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Juventus Month In Review

August’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Disintegration

It’s finally over, ladies and gentlemen. The tumultuous 2019-2020 season has finally come to an end.

July’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Champions!

July was absolutely jam-packed with games as the league reached a conclusion.

June’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Back to (ab)normality

After three long months of shutdown and quarantine, football in Italy has returned!

May’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Football and Crying

What is it about football, and sport in general, that makes us emotional enough to cry?

April’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Tips on writing a book about football

Since we’re unable to watch football, why not write a book about it?

March’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Pandemic

Football all around the world has come to a standstill as COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on all aspects of life.

February’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: No More Joy

I’m not going to tip-toe around this one: the situation and atmosphere around Juventus has become utterly joyless.

December’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Fool me once, fool me twice

The final monthly review of 2019 is here! Unfortunately, though, I have to dampen your spirits with a discussion about a sour topic: racism.

November’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Recovery

Somehow, Juventus is still unbeaten in all competitions as we approach the halfway stage of the season.

October’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Living life on the edge

October is over as Juventus has been grinding out results and just about continue its unbeaten start to the season.

September’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Slow Progress

Juventus remains unbeaten in all competitions as the team slowly but surely gets used to a different style of football.

August’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Looks like my summer vacation is ... over.

The 201920 season has officially begun! Competitive football is back!

July’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Getting Ready

Preseason was in full flight in July, so let’s take a look at the month’s action in the world of Juventus.

June’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Globetrotting

There was obviously no Juventus action to report for the month of June, but there was an overwhelming amount of football being played across the globe.

May’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Moving On

If you were hoping for a spectacular finale to the Max Allegri era, you’ll have been sorely disappointed by what happened in the drab month of May.

April’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: A Bittersweet Symphony

What a bittersweet month it was. It’s hard to reconcile the conflicting emotions I have about Juventus these days, but I’ll try my best in April’s monthly recap.

March’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Two Worlds

Juventus continues to enjoy a laughably large lead at the top of the table as we enter the latter stages of the season.

February’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: The Heartless are coming!

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February was an emotionally-draining 28 days of Juventus action

January’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: The Richest Man In Babylon

Half of January was spent on holiday and the other half was spent playing 5 games in 18 days. So much to do, so little time!

December’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Business as usual, right?

The last monthly review of 2018! It was an action-packed month and was a fitting way to bring the calendar year to a close.

November’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Minor Details

We’re almost at the end of the calendar year, ragazzi. While results have generally been good, there’s still more than enough to worry about when it comes to Juventus.

October’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Stop-Start

Serie A football, Champions League, international games, and crazy FIFA proposals. October certainly was a thought-provoking month.

September’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Perfection?

I was tempted to use a cheesy "Wake me up, when September ends" reference here, but I won’t. Except ... I just did. Oh well.

August’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Hysteria

After one of the most remarkable summer transfer windows in recent Juventus history, it was time to walk the talk as the 2018-2019 Serie A season kicked off.

May’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Award Tour

Things briefly threatened to spiral out of control (yet again), but as the saying goes, all is well that ends well.

April’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Emotional Turbulence

April was, honestly, one of the craziest and emotional months of action for Juventini. Let me try to make sense of it all...

March’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Football, bloody hell

The words of the great Sir Alex Ferguson seem to perfectly describe what was an absolutely enthralling month of action.

February’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Oh the weather outside Is frightful...

A short, wintery month of February comes to an end. Although we like to admire the snow falling from the heavens, it’s time to review the month of Juventus action!

January’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Steady Progress

Juventus has started 2018 in beautifully stable fashion — no goals conceded and an impeccable 100 percent record in all games. Not a bad way to ring in the new year, don’t you think?

December’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Up, up, and away!

December has been an extraordinarily fruitful month for our beloved Bianconeri. The year 2017 ended with lots of gifts and brilliant fireworks!

November’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Absence 

It’s almost the end of the year! Time flies when you’re having fun (and conceding goals)... Just kidding, let’s talk about November’s Juventus action!

October’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Fragility?

Autumn is sweeping over Europe. But even though the temperature outside is falling, the action on the pitch is still red-hot!


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