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Juventus On International Duty

How Juventus’ players did during World Cup Matchday 2

How has the Bianconeri contingent performed in Qatar so far?

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 10

Will Weston and the USMNT be able to extend their stay at the World Cup?

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 9

Let there be more games.

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 8

One of the biggest names in the world game is on the ropes and could be ousted by day’s end.

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 7

Let’s see if Argentina can mess things up again, shall we?

How Juventus’ players did during World Cup Matchday 1

How has the Bianconeri contingent performed in Qatar so far?

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 6

It’s a big day for Juventus’ resident midfielder with red, white and blue in his new hairstyle.

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 5

Welcome to Dusan Day at the World Cup, everybody.

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 4

Let’s see if there’s any silly happenings at the World Cup today, shall we?

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 3

Who’s ready for the greatest midfielder France has ever seen to take the field for the first time in Qatar?

World Cup 2022 Open Watch Thread: Day 2

Hopefully these games are a little more compelling.

How to follow Juventus players at the 2022 World Cup

Eleven Juventus players are in Qatar looking to do their respective countries right over the next month.

Fabio Miretti, Nicolo Fagioli earn call-up to Italy squad for first time

And Freddy Church is back in the fold, too!

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Paul Pogba to miss 2022 World Cup due to injury

This isn’t good!

Fabio Miretti picks up ankle injury while on international duty

Even when Juventus doesn’t play these days, there’s bad news.

Women’s Euro 2022: Italy’s out, but other Juventus Women players advance

Who is in and who is out

Women’s Euro 2022: Bonansea saves the day as Italy stays alive in Group D

Italy’s manager left one of her best players on the bench to start, but luckily it was Bonansea time in the second half.

Women’s Euro 2022: PPM saves, then France storms past Italy in Group D opener

France was quite good. Italy ... not so much.

How to follow Juventus Women players at UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

The games are about to begin in England, and there’s 16 players who call Juventus their club ready to make a big impression on the international level.

Nine Juventus Women players named to Italy’s Women’s Euro 2022 squad

It’s going to be a summer full of watching the Bianconere play on one of the biggest international stages, especially when it comes to the Italy women.

Federico Gatti earns rave reviews for his performance in Italy debut

Freddie Cats did good. Freddie Cats did very good.

Guest Post: Ciao, Chiellini — Saying goodbye to a Juventus and Italy legend

Giorgio Chiellini’s Juventus career is now, unfortunately, only something we can refer to in the past tense. But what was it like to be there as Chiello said goobye?

Reports: Paulo Dybala subbed off as a precaution vs. Uruguay

Potential injuries are never good news, but it looks like we’ve gotten some good news about the potential bad news.

Chiellini in favor of Super League and an 18-team Serie A

The Juventus and Italy captain has been talking about the future of the game

Juve starlet Matías Soulé receives call-up to Argentina national team

It’s not even the international break yet and we’re getting some surprises...

Adrien Rabiot tests positive for COVID-19 while on international duty

Here we go again.

Weston McKennie returns to Turin early after USMNT suspension

That’s ... not a good look.

How Lina Hurtig and Sweden have positioned themselves as new favorites for Olympic gold

There is just one women’s team who have won every game of their 2020 Olympics and it’s been with the help of Juventus winger Lina Hurtig.

The Old Lady Speaks Podcast: Episode 55: Top of the Mountain

Italy emerged victorious in the Euro 2020 final, and good times have been had since then.

Federico Chiesa, Leonardo Bonucci named to Euro 2020 Team of the Tournament

Italy had a lot of good players at Euro 2020, and these guys just so happened to be two of them.

Ronaldo wins Euro 2020 Golden Boot, Juve players set record for goals at the Euros

‘Twas a good tournament for many players who wear bianconero nine months out of the year.

Italy 1 (3) - England 1 (2): Initial reaction and random observations

Well, that was fun!


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