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Juventus History

2018 was a year of major changes for Juventus

Players come and go every summer. But this year, for Juventus, it was more than just names on a piece of paper.

Flashback Friday: The origin of Christmas in November

A very happy birthday to the best No. 10 we could ever ask for!

Farewell to the prince: In appreciation of Claudio Marchisio

True Juventini of then and now

A look back at the past. A look ahead at the future.

Gianluigi Buffon pens ‘6111’ farewell letter to Juventus

Turns out the greatest goalkeeper of all-time can also write a little bit.

Look good, play good: A look back at Juventus’ black and white stripes, Part 2

Another round of kits, another round of superlatives. We talk Nike’s last year and how Adidas has fared so far.

Look good, play good: A look back at Juventus’ black and white stripes

We hop back in the way back machine to hand some superlatives to the good, the bad and the pink in Juventus uniform history.

Quiz: Can you name the last club of these players before they arrived at Juventus?

Show your knowledge about Giuseppe Marotta's transfers.

The best Juventus free kick takers of the last 25 years 

Let's take a look at this remarkable group of free kick specialists that have donned bianconero.

Memories of Alessandro Del Piero the player & person

Legendary Juventus striker Alessandro Del Piero has turned 42 this past week. It's a great excuse to remember Pinturicchio's legacy.

The Lost Jewels of Juventus: Milos Krasic

Milos Krasic was one of Juventus’ best players. And then, in almost the blink of an eye, fell out of favor.

A look at Beppe Marotta’s Bosman transfer history

Ranking Giuseppe Marotta & Co.'s free transfers since the 2010-11 season.

The Lost Jewels of Juventus: Fabian Carini

Fabian Carini will be remembered in Uruguay for his leadership, personality, skills, and penalty saves. Sadly, the rest of the world will remember him for the Fabio Cannavaro trade. A curse that will always be attached to Carini's name and career.

The 15 best Juventus things from 2015

Some pretty good Juventus things happened in 2015. Here are some of them.

Gigi Buffon still the gold standard 20 years after debut

We're officially to the part of Buffon's career where anniversaries become more and more about his insane longevity and also impressive at the same time.

Happy 41st birthday, Alessandro Del Piero!

Today, Nov. 9, is something we like to call 'Christmas in November,' otherwise known as the day Del Piero was born on.

The seven fun facts about the Supercoppa Italiana

Winning seven titles in the competition deserves seven fun facts. So what are the seven fun facts of the Supercoppa Italiana?

The seven reasons why you should be a Juventus fan

There are plenty of reasons as to why Juventus has been one of the best clubs in Europe and Italy over the years. Whether it's because of Alessandro Del Piero, Gigi Buffon or somebody different, Juve has much to offer that other clubs don't.

Saying goodbye to Andrea Pirlo

It's hard to quantify just how important Andrea Pirlo was to Juventus during his four years with the club. But, it's going to be even harder to forget about the impact he made ever since he joined Juve in the summer of 2011.

Juventus-Barcelona: A game 4 years in the making

Four years ago, Juventus was coming off its second straight seventh-place finish. Now, on the first Saturday in June 2015, they're set to face Barcelona in the Champions League final.

Remembering Juve's comeback over Real Madrid in 2003

As Juventus prepare to meet Real Madrid again, let's take a look back at one of Juventus' finest European performances in the modern era.

How I became a Juventus fan 12 years ago

Can't help falling in love with you

The restart of the Serie A is still a few days away so why not dig a bit in your memories until then, trying to find that particular moment when you’ve been struck by the Vecchia Signora?

Juve players who couldn't handle expectations

Which Juventus players have broken your heart lately?

Most under-appreciated Juventus players?

Which Juventus player from the past doesn't get enough recognition?

The forgotten men of 'The Dark Age of Juventus'

From 2008 to 2011, or the period I like to call the 'Dark Age of Juventus,' the Old Lady saw some of the worst players and teams to sport the Black & White jersey. Yet, among these players were some who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Travelling Turin: A BWRAO guide to Juventus' home

Heading to Turin to catch a match? Don't miss out on all that the Baroque gem has to offer.

Manzoni, Memory, and the Fifth of May

As per his usual routine, Alessandro Manzoni began his day by visiting a tiny edicola to pick up his copy of the Gazzetta di Milano, one of the few Italian dailies that managed to evade censorship in the Austrian dominated Italian city-states.


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