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Juventus History

A personal ode to Gianluigi Buffon

We all knew this day would come. That doesn’t make it any easier.

Guest Post: Ciao, Chiellini — Saying goodbye to a Juventus and Italy legend

Giorgio Chiellini’s Juventus career is now, unfortunately, only something we can refer to in the past tense. But what was it like to be there as Chiello said goobye?

Juventus’ top 5 winter transfers of the Agnelli era

How rare is a winter window like this? Here’s a list that can help.

The Juventus Likability Rankings

We use science and math to decide which Juventus team of the last few years has been the easiest to root for.

The Cristiano Ronaldo Era at Juventus wasn’t a failure ... but, it must end

You know what they say about plans, right?

The Hindsight Rankings: Looking back at some of Juventus’ biggest transfers

We all know by now this squad is lacking, but could we have known that four or five years ago?

Juventus legend Giampiero Boniperti passes away at 92

A true titan of Juventus’ past has died.

The unrecognized prowess of Gonzalo Higuain

Pipita deserved better.

May’s Monthly Juventus Thoughts: Football and Crying

What is it about football, and sport in general, that makes us emotional enough to cry?

The best (Juventus) things in life that have been free

A ranking of every free transfer for Juventus in the past 10 years. Have the Bianconeri been as effective as we all think they have been?

Marchisio: ‘I couldn’t betray Juventus’

Il Principino has been speaking about his departure from Juve

The emotional roller coaster that was Gianluigi Buffon’s first Juventus goodbye

The GOAT came back to Juventus last summer, but there was a day when we thought we had seen the last of him as a player in Turin.

The emergence of the Juventus juggernaut

Reliving the unexpected season that started it all.

The duality of Juventus fans

Why does the most successful Italian club in history consistently feels like an European underdog?

Sunday Musings: Giorgio Chiellini vs. Felipe Melo is the entertainment we needed

Juventus’ current captain takes on one of Juve’s greatest transfer blunders.

What if ... the Madrid Heist hadn’t happened?

One little thing going differently could have significantly changed things for Juventus.

Has the Old Lady lost her way? Juventus, Ronaldo & the summer of change

Some Juventus fans wonder if the Bianconeri have wandered from their principles.

BWRAO Roundtable: What’s the worst Juventus jersey in your closet?

You might be telling yourself "Yikes!!!" while reading this.

The five best Juventus kits of the last decade

There have been some stinkers, but we’ve also seen some glorious successes on the field over the years.

The five worst Juventus kits of the last decade

We circle through the boring, bad and ghastly.

The first Juventus jersey I ever bought with my own money

It’s Jersey Week here at SB Nation, and we’re starting it off with a tale of a beautiful kit during some dark times.

Angelo Peruzzi: A hero caught between gods

The goalkeeper is a huge part of Juve’s history, but he’s never mentioned in the same breath as other club legends.

Revisiting 2016-17: Juventus won Serie A, but missed out on the Champions League

Juve has, unfortunately, been the bridesmaid more than the bride in the final of Europe’s premier club competition.

Juventus 5-a-side squads: Who has the best team at BWRAO?

We picked teams. You pick who would win the imaginary trophy.

Juventus Re-Watch: 2015 to 2020

We have got you covered with the best Juventus moments to re-watch on the Internet

What Juventus lineup would you choose to save your life?

Some brain games to pass the time.

The BWRAO Juventus Team of the Decade

We discussed who should make it. These are the results.

Sports Heartbreak: A night in Berlin, a day in Brazil

Let’s talk about that 2015 game, where a Cinderella Juventus made believers of all of us.

On Claudio Marchisio and narratives

A few thoughts on the recently-retired Juventus legend.

‘Letter to My Younger Self’: How Gianluigi Buffon overcame depression

The greatest goalkeeper ever reminisces on some internal struggles while dispensing crucial advice

Claudio Marchisio announces his retirement from football

Il Principino calls it quits

The search for the Del Piero jersey

An introspective look at the personal side of fandom


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