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Juventus Contract Extension Watch

Reports: A positive ending might be in sight for Paulo Dybala extension talks

No, really. They mean it this time.

Reports: Paulo Dybala’s agent set to meet with Juventus again next week


Report: Paulo Dybala contract extension talks ‘proceeding very well’

Progress! We have reported progress!

Reports: Juventus to restart contract talks with Paulo Dybala’s agent this weekend

They’re gonna talk! They’re gonna talk!

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Giorgio Chiellini renews contract with Juventus through 2023

Look who’s back! (Not like he ever left ...)

Pavel Nedved confirms Dybala contract talks, says Ronaldo ‘will stay with us’

Well it looks like we’ve gotten some important news this weekend.

Report: Juventus to restart contract talks with Paulo Dybala by the end of July

Contract talks BACK?!?!

Reports: Giorgio Chiellini to sign new Juventus contract next week

Looks like Juve are about to sign a talented free agent.

Report: Juventus set to make contact with Paulo Dybala’s reps next week

More steps in the right direction to one of the longer sagas in recent Juventus history.

Report: Max Allegri will ask Juventus to re-open contract talks with Paulo Dybala

Well this just keeps getting more and more interesting, doesn’t it?

Reports: Giorgio Chiellini set to renew with Juventus at Max Allegri’s request

One more year! One more year!

Report: Juventus want to extend Juan Cuadrado’s contract

Here’s .... more Johnny?

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Radu Dragusin signs contract extension through 2025

Report: Juventus has not had contract extension talks with Giorgio Chiellini, Gigi Buffon

All’s quiet on the Old Guard front.

Report: Juventus offer Paulo Dybala new contract worth €10 million a season

As the world turns, there’s still plenty of uncertainty out there.

Report: Juventus, Paulo Dybala close to contract extension agreement

Please let this be the final stretch of this long, drawn-out process that we thought would be over months ago.

Report: Paulo Dybala will sign his contract extension once his agent can travel to Italy

Soon ... hopefully.

Report: Juventus, Gianluigi Buffon agree to contract extension through 2021

God is going nowhere. Not that you should be surprised about that.

Report: Juventus, Paulo Dybala agree to contract extension through 2025

This could be the happy end to a whirlwind year for Juve’s No. 10.

Report: Giorgio Chiellini signing a contract extension is a ‘formality’

Not that it’s surprising, but it’s still good news.

Report: Gianluigi Buffon plans on extending his contract another season

It doesn’t look like Juventus’ legendary goalkeeper is going to be stepping away this summer.

Report: Juve, Gianluigi Buffon to talk contract extension next month

What God wants, God might as well get.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Wojciech Szczesny signs contract extension through 2024

Report: Juventus has started contract extension talks with Paulo Dybala

Give him all the years. ALL OF THEM.

Report: Juventus open contract extension talks with Paulo Dybala

Yes, good. Very, very good.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juan Cuadrado signs contract extension through 2022

The Johnny Square Experience ain’t going anywhere.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Leonardo Bonucci signs contract extension through 2024

The No. 19 jersey is going to have the same guy wearing it for the extended future.

Report: Wojciech Szczesny close to signing contract extension through 2024

You play well, you get a new contract. It’s simple, really.

Report: Juventus to begin contract extension talks with Wojciech Szczesny

It’s starting to approach the holidays, so contract extension rumor season is officially here.

Report: Juventus to start contract talks with Paulo Dybala in the coming weeks

Well, well, well ...

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Barbara Bonansea, Cristiana Girelli sign contract extensions through 2021

Two of Juventus Women’s best players aren’t going anywhere.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Rodrigo Bentancur signs contract extension through 2024

One of Juventus’ best youngsters ain’t going anywhere.


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