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Guest Posts

Farewell to the prince: In appreciation of Claudio Marchisio

Notes for a new Old Lady

It’s time for Juve to pick a path and stay on it.

Rating Juventus’ transfers for the 2015-16 season

The 2015-16 season can be considered the start of the second cycle with the current management in place.

Calcio has gone from beautiful swan to ugly duckling

Guest Post: The 2014-15 mercato — coherent or not?

This post was guest-blogged by Dave Dwicarta. You can follow him on Twitter at @dwicarta.

Guest Post: The Antonio Conte Rant

This post was written by JDAngkasa. You can follow him on Twitter: @JDAngkasa.

Gratitude & Consideration

"I Think, Therefore I Play" & the state of calcio

There has been a lot of much-warranted hype surrounding the release of Andrea Pirlo's autobiography "I Think Therefore I Play."