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BWRAO Mailbag

The BWRAO Mailbag: End of Year Rush

As we wrap up 2022, here’s another mailbag to tide you through the New Years.

The BWRAO Mailbag: Back Again

As is tradition, the mailbag makes its first appearance of the off season right after the end of the World Cup as we still have ways to go until Juventus get back on to the field.

BWRAO Mailbag: International Break Palooza

What is a man without club football team supposed to write about? ANOTHER MAILBAG, OF COURSE

BWRAO Mailbag: Dealing in if’s and hypotheticals

For this edition of the BWRAO mailbag we talk future stars, potential lineup settings and signings that were not meant to be.

BWRAO Mailbag: Speculation Nation

We make wild conjectures about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala and Miralem Pjanic. Off the field issues, football bars and Song of the Week.

BWRAO Mailbag: The Calm Before the Storm

We talk Euro standouts, who will improve under Max Allegri, more midfield talk and the song of the week.

BWRAO Mailbag: Side A, Track One

We talk Locatelli, boom or bust defenders and cults.

BWRAO Mailbag: The Bag Strikes Back

In the age of reboots and remakes, the BWRAO Mailbag makes another Summer comeback.

BWRAO Mailbag: Light at the end of the tunnel

The summer break is almost over and we can see some Juventus games on the horizon. Meanwhile, let’s talk borrowing stadiums, right backs and backlashes.

BWRAO Mailbag: Summer Blues

We tackle a bunch of hypotethicals, because it’s mid-July and that’s all there is to tackle.

BWRAO Mailbag: Return of the Bag

First mailbag of the summer, let’s cook.

Return of the BWRAO Mailbag


BWRAO Mailbag, Vol. 4 : Talking fullbacks, depth and the World Cup

A few injuries here and there and the situation might be more dire than you think.

BWRAO Mailbag, Vol. 3 : Talking Croats, EXOR and your World Cup team

The mailbag has a proposition for you all.

BWRAO Mailbag, Vol. 2 : Talking youngsters, Champions League and domestic doubles

The season might be over, but the mailbag keeps on, keeping on.

BWRAO Mailbag, Vol. 1: Talking Gonzalo Higuain, silver stars, bad tattoos and more

You had questions, we tried to provide some decent answers.

Welcome to the new and improved BWRAO Mailbag

We want to hear from all of you.


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