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BWRAO Roundtable

BWRAO Roundtable: Can Juventus actually fix some of its problems this season?

We have a question, but we also have some answers.

BWRAO Roundtable: Have Juventus recovered, and thoughts on Allegri

The second international break is a good time to have a chat about where the team is headed

BWRAO Roundtable: What are your expectations for Juve this season?

The season starts this weekend, so we figured it would be a good time for a chat.

BWRAO Roundtable: Juventus & Pirlo’s start to the season

The gang rate how the beginning of the season has gone so far

BWRAO Roundtable: What’s the worst Juventus jersey in your closet?

You might be telling yourself "Yikes!!!" while reading this.

BWRAO Roundtable: With the season already suspended, what should Serie A do?

Nobody knows when the football is coming back, but we felt like taking a stab at potential options anyway.

The BWRAO Juventus Team of the Decade

We discussed who should make it. These are the results.

BWRAO Roundtable: Just how important is this Derby d’Italia?

Inter’s ahead of Juventus in the standings for the first time in a long time. Does that mean there’s added significance to Sunday’s derby in Milan?

BWRAO Roundtable: What are your expectations for Juventus this season?

There’s one question, but there’s multiple answers.

BWRAO Roundtable: What to make of Juventus’ season after elimination from the Champions League

The aim was to compete for the Champions League. So, after Juventus came up a couple of rounds short, what gives?

BWRAO Roundtable: Impressions from the first half of the Juventus season

Juventus entered the 2018-19 season with big-time expectations. How have they do through the first four months of the season? We discuss it.

BWRAO Roundtable: Juventus’ biggest surprises and biggest reasons for concern

BWRAO Roundtable: Initial thoughts on Juventus’ season to date

This will be known as Overreaction Central, right? Maybe!

BWRAO Roundtable: What is the best-case/worst-case scenario for Juventus during the Ronaldo years?

There could be plenty of good, but will there be bad?

BWRAO Roundtable: What does Juventus need to accomplish to justify the Ronaldo purchase?

BWRAO Roundtable: Which midfielder do you want Juventus to sign this summer?

It’s a simple question, but the answer isn’t all that easy. Juventus wants a midfielder, but we’re not sure which direction they’re going to go in.

BWRAO Roundtable: Which winger do you want Juve to sign this summer?

Sources say Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici will be visiting BWRAO for this week and this week only. Comment section, too? Maybe not.

BWRAO Roundtable: What about Real Madrid is the most worrisome?

Real Madrid are quite good, so we talk about it.

BWRAO Roundtable: What will Juventus have to do effectively to beat Real Madrid?

It’s Champions League final week, and so it’s understandable that we’re talking about it.

BWRAO Roundtable: Should Juve bring Pol Lirola back in January?

Juventus and injured defenders have gone hand in hand this season. Does that mean one of the clubs brightest youngsters should come back to Turin? We discussed said matter.

BWRAO Roundtable: Who is Juventus’ first half MVP?

We asked you the readers. Now we asked the writers.

BWRAO Roundtable: Which signing do you wanna see?

Juventus have brought in quite a bit of quality this summer. But which singular player are some folks most excited to see play in bianconero? We discuss.

BWRAO Roundtable: Gonzalo Higuain, your thoughts?

We bring you another edition of the BWRAO Roundtable. This time we discuss Mr. Gonzalo Higuain. Not covered, at least for now, was what Higuain was up to on his post-Copa America holiday. (Feasting on some good food, probably.)

BWRAO Roundtable: Where should Allegri play Pjanic?

Miralem Pjanic has been Juventus' big buy of the summer of 2016. Now, with the former Roma midfielder in the picture, how should Max Allegri utilize him?

BWRAO Roundtable: Talking Álvaro Morata's departure

In a new feature here at BWRAO, we've assembled a good portion of our blog's writing crew to talk about some of the more important developments this summer. Unsurprisingly, one of the first topics centers around Álvaro Morata.


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