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Community Projections

Projecting Paul Pogba's 2015-16 season

Paul Pogba asked to wear Juventus' No. 10, and he got it. With that, he has brought the pressure that comes such a historic number upon himself. But as we've come to find out, Pogba can handle anything thrown at him.

Projecting Mario Mandzukic's 2015-16 season

Mario Mandzukic has taken a jersey number once worn by Juventus legend David Trezeguet. Can the Croatian striker come close to replicating what Trez did during his time in Turin?

Projecting Paulo Dybala's 2015-16 season

Paulo Dybala's long-term future is as some kind of variation of a seconda punta, no doubt, which will obviously cater to his ability to score goals and set them up. But where does he fit into Juventus' crowded striker puzzle this season?

Define success for Juventus this season?

What do Juventus and Allegri need to do for you to call this season successful?

Projecting Kingsley Coman's 2014-15 season

Kingley Coman's Juventus debut went better than anybody thought it would. But what might be in the future for the 18-year-old French starlet? Let's discuss...

Projecting Álvaro Morata's 2014-15 season

With a €20 million price tag attached to his hip, Álvaro Morata turned out to be Juventus' big purchase this summer. How will the 21-year-old Spaniard adapt to life in Turin? Well, let's try and figure that out.

Projecting Claudio Marchisio's 2014-15 season

For the first time in a long time, Claudio Marchisio isn't guaranteed a starting spot as Juventus enter the 2014-15 season. He will play, sure, but how much — or where exactly — is something that is completely unknown right now.

Projecting Arturo Vidal's 2014-15 season

Arturo Vidal's summer has been filled with the World Cup, transfer rumors, and uncertainty. Now that Juventus are about to start their season, how will Vidal do after everything that has gone down?

Projecting Gianluigi Buffon's 2014-15 season

Let's talk about God. Because we love God. Or we can call him Gianluigi Buffon. Whatever works for you. It doesn't matter to me.

Projecting Paul Pogba's 2014-15 season

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba is a force to be reckoned with. And at the age of 21, it only seems like the young Frenchman is only getting better as the months go by. What's next for Pogba? Let's investigate...

Projecting Carlos Tévez's 2014-15 season

Carlos Tévez's first season in a Juventus jersey started with a goal and ended with a player of the year award. What can El Apache do in Year 2? We investigate...

Projecting Fernando Llorente's 2014-15 season

Once he shook off the rust of not playing much football at all for a year, Fernando Llorente made quite an impact in his first season with Juventus. But how will a new manager and new tactical system help or hurt Turin's current Rey León?