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Running the show at Black & White & Read All Over, SB Nation's Juventus blog, since 2011. A writer by day — and night. Worshiper at the Church of Gigi Buffon. Soccer fan by birth, Juventus fan by choice. The rest just seemed to fall right into place. Amazing how that works.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Luca Pellegrini ends Frankfurt loan, heads out to Lazio

From one loan deal to another, although this one involves a homecoming of sorts.

The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 134: Juve’s January goes from bad to worse

Juventus’ winless streak was extended to three games after Monza rolled into the Allianz Stadium and claimed another historic win over the struggling Italian giants.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Weston McKennie joins Leeds United on loan

McKennie and his big personality are off to the Premier League.

Juventus 0 - Monza 2: Initial reaction and random observations

Well, that was completely awful.

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Monza

It’s time to see what happens this next time against Monza.

Round 20: Juventus vs. Monza match preview

Facing the same opponent they just beat in the Coppa Italia, Juve look to claim their first win in three Serie A outings.

Reports: Juventus, Leeds United finalize deal for Weston McKennie

The biggest Harry Potter fan in Turin is heading to the Premier League

Report: Leeds United change formula of Weston McKennie bid

Well that’s a turn that was somewhat unexpected.

Report: Leeds United up offer for Weston McKennie

Another day, another step closer, it seems.

Reports: Leeds United table €28 million offer for Weston McKennie

Things continue to progress.