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Running the show at Black & White & Read All Over, SB Nation's Juventus blog, since 2011. A writer by day — and night. Worshiper at the Church of Gigi Buffon. Soccer fan by birth, Juventus fan by choice. The rest just seemed to fall right into place. Amazing how that works.

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Inter Milan

Big game. Very big game.

Round 27: Juventus vs. Inter Milan match preview

Big game. Very big game.

Juventus 2 - Freiburg 0: Initial reaction and random observations

What the heck is this solid play in the second leg of knockout round games?

Europa League Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Freiburg

It’s a big night in the Europa League.

Europa League Preview: Juventus vs. Freiburg

Ninety minutes separates Juventus and the Europa League quarterfinals. Juve’s got the lead on aggregate, but can they hold onto it?

Federico Chiesa, Angel Di Maria make the cut as Juve announce squad for Freiburg

What they’re capable of is still to be determined.

Reports: Paul Pogba to miss up to a month due to latest injury setback

Just when you thought another injury couldn’t happen, it did.

The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 140: Juve’s Europa League hopes are still alive

Juventus won both of its games this past week in very different kinds of ways, but face some tough sledding in the final stretch going into the first international break of 2023.

Juventus 4 - Sampdoria 2: Initial reaction and random observations

Just another low-key night when Juventus plays.

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Sampdoria

No trap game happenings over the next couple of hours, please.