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Report: Juventus, Genoa close to finalizing deal for Andrea Cambiaso

Maybe not the top young Italian you want, but still a young Italian added to the mix nonetheless.

The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 105: Talking de Ligt, Di Maria and Zaniolo, oh my!

Juventus’ best defender as well as the club itself will have to make some tough decisions soon, with Chelsea hot on the trail to sign Matthijs de Ligt this summer and an even bigger rebuild potentially in the cards as a result for the Bianconeri’s front office.

Reports: Juventus looking to sign Nicolo Zaniolo on top of Ángel Di Maria deal

And there could be a Brazilian added to the deal, too? Oh my!

Juventus, Ángel Di Maria ‘talking about the final details,’ agent says

Things are getting closer and closer.

Nine Juventus Women players named to Italy’s Women’s Euro 2022 squad

It’s going to be a summer full of watching the Bianconere play on one of the biggest international stages, especially when it comes to the Italy women.

Reports: Juventus’ deal for Ángel Di Maria still hasn’t reached the finish line

Ah, what a surprise. More waiting.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus Women sign Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir

A summer of bold moves with the goal of continued growth in Europe has continued.

The Matthijs de Ligt rumor mill has officially kicked into overdrive

There’s a lot of rumors being thrown out there these days and nobody knows what is actually real stuff to believe.

Juventus to open the 2022-23 season against Sassuolo

Get out your phones and update your calendars — your weekends are full of Juventus-related things again.

Report: Paulo Dybala’s Inter Milan move in doubt after contract talks halted

Well, this is unexpected.