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Running the show at Black & White & Read All Over, SB Nation's Juventus blog, since 2011. A writer by day — and night. Worshiper at the Church of Gigi Buffon. Soccer fan by birth, Juventus fan by choice. The rest just seemed to fall right into place. Amazing how that works.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Martina Rosucci signs contract extension through 2024

The contract extensions are starting to roll on in for the Juventus women.

Report: Arsenal still pushing to sign Arthur Melo this month

Clearly tiny circles are popular in London.

Juventus 4 - Sampdoria 1: Initial reaction and random observations

A win! A comfortable win!

Coppa Italia Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Sampdoria

Here comes another trophy chase.

The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 82: Paulo Dybala is not a happy man right now

Juventus lost a chance to win its first trophy of the 2021-22 season, but the last image of the week that was will be the man wearing the captain’s armband against Udinese not celebrating his goal and why things have gone bad.

Juventus 2 - Udinese 0: Initial reaction and random observations

A win that will surely be overshadowed by one simple look toward the stands.

Game Time Thread: Juventus vs. Udinese

Just another weekend in which we hope Juventus doesn’t do something stupid.

Round 22: Juventus vs. Udinese match preview

Udinese is not very good, but they’ve also taken points from Juventus this season, so this should be interesting.

OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juventus Women captain Sara Gama renews through 2024

An Italian legend still has plenty left in the tank.

Juventus 1 - Inter Milan 2: Initial reaction and random observations

What a dumb ending.