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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 207: Looking at Juve’s quiet yet still a little surprising winter transfer window

Juventus are a club that historically never does many big things during the January transfer window, but they still added a pair of players in Tiago Djaló and Carlos Alcaraz that could very well be play some sort of part this season (and beyond).

FC Internazionale v Juventus - Serie A TIM Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Ah, the January transfer window. Something that, historically, hasn’t exactly been the busiest of times for Juventus. For every big-money signing of Dusan Vlahovic a couple of years ago, we’ve got plenty of examples of Januarys where Juve’s front office has kept things pretty dang quiet.

Because of the current economic status at Juve, we figured that this January was going to very much be one that is on the quieter side of things much like the previous January was. (Although, thankfully, there’s no points penalties coming down or any of that.)

But that didn’t mean Juve didn’t surprise us in a couple of ways during the winter transfer window, too.

The signings of Tiago Djaló and especially Carlos Alcaraz (no, not the tennis one) proved to be moves that certainly weren’t expected one. That is certainly true for Alcaraz’s unexpected arrival on loan with a hefty option to buy, one that will certainly be something to watch as the second half of the season goes on and we learn more about the 21-year-old Argentine midfielder. Will he show enough promise for Juve to activate the big buy option? Or is he exactly what Juve needed — a little more depth in midfield just to be safe?

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