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Reports: Joseph Nonge could have gone out on loan, but chose to stay at Juventus

No Deadline Day excitement for one of Juve’s youngest players.

US Salernitana v Juventus FC - Serie A TIM Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

It ended up being a very quiet Deadline Day for Juventus on Thursday, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there weren’t a potential minor transaction or two being discussed.

In the end, though, nothing came of it.

The most notable involved teenage midfielder Joseph Nonge, the young Belgian who was promoted to the first team in the wake of Nicolo Fagioli’s gambling suspension back in October. Juventus received contacts from La Liga relegation battler Granada regarding a potential loan deal for the 18-year-old Nonge, but nothing truly materialized, according to SportItalia, TuttoJuve’s Mirko Di Natale and Italian transfer reporter Nicolo Schira on X, formerly Twitter. That is mainly because as much as Granada pushed, Nonge’s desire was to stay at Juventus for the rest of the 2023-24 season regardless of how little playing time he has gotten over the past 3 12 months.

You might be wondering why would Granada, a team currently sitting in 19th place in La Liga, reach out to Juventus for a midfielder who hasn’t played much at all this season? Well, you’re right on the surface. But then you have to remember who was hired this past fall as Granada’s new sporting director: former Juve chief scout Matteo Tognozzi, who spent six-plus years in Turin before heading to Spain back in October.

Connect the dots and you have a guy who is obviously looking to hring in a player he has previously scouted to help out his current team that is going to spend the next three or four months trying not to get relegated.

If you’re Nonge, do you want your first experience away from Juventus coming in a situation like Granada is currently in and trying to compete for playing time there? Or would it make better sense for your immediate future to stay at Juventus and train with the same teammates you’ve been with pretty much all season? For Nonge, seems like it was a pretty easy decision.

With Carlos Alcaraz now in Turin on loan for the rest of the season, does that mean Nonge is going to spent more time with the Next Gen squad? Maybe, but we also know Juve’s depth in midfield has been quite short ever since Fagioli and Paul Pogba each were suspended. And who knows how long it takes Max Allegri to feel comfortable enough with handing Alcaraz a decent amount of minutes, so at least the familiarity factor favors Nonge there.