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Reports: Bayern Munich will make a run (again) at Adrien Rabiot

So this could be something to monitor over the next few months.

FC Internazionale v Juventus - Serie A TIM Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

For the second time in as many years, Juventus and Adrien Rabiot are looking down the barrel at a potential parting of ways. That is because Rabiot, now 28 years old, is in the final months of his current contract, with the potential of being out of contract getting closer by the day.

And following the “repeat of 12 months ago” pattern, there’s a familiar name that is hot on Rabiot’s trail as it appears that a market for the manbun starts to develop.

According to’s Mirko Di Natale and Christian Falk of BILD in Germany, Bayern Munich are very much keeping tabs on Rabiot as he approaches the expiration of his latest Juventus contract. Knowing that Bayern were considering a move for Rabiot last summer before he decided to sign a new one-year deal with the Old Lady, this probably isn’t the most surprising thing. But the fact still remains that Rabiot, even as we sit here approaching the middle of February, will have options to consider as the winter months turn into spring and contract offers are put on the table.

Rabiot, per reports, is not expected to make a final decision on where he will play during the 2024-25 season until after the current campaign is over. (Remember: Rabiot didn’t sign his current one-year deal with Juventus until late June last year, just a couple of days before his contract was set to expire.)

One of the major factors in which Rabiot’s decision to potentially stay at Juventus next season (and likely beyond) would be the Bianconeri’s involvement in Champions League football. As of now, that looks like a pretty likely thing considering the current 15-point advantage Juve have over fifth-place Roma entering Matchday 24.

We know that, at some point, Juve’s going to have to make a decision on Rabiot and committing to him on the long term. We know he is a Max Allegri favorite and if Juve’s current manager is indeed staying for the final year of his contract next season, then he will probably do a whole lot to try and get Rabiot to stay. But how much would that potentially cost Juventus? A second one-year extension probably isn’t what momgent Veronique Rabiot is looking for as her son approaches his 29th birthday in April.

That said, is a long-term contract at Rabiot’s current terms something that Cristiano Giuntoli and Juventus can afford? Giuntoli has done quite a lot of heavy lifting since he came from Napoli to get the payroll lowered and worked under very restricted economic parameters this season, and we simply don’t know how much more spending power he will have over the summer.

That could play into Bayern Munich’s (or somebody else’s) hand if Juventus can only offer Rabiot so much and Veronique thinks otherwise. So, a lot like this time last year, there’s going to be a whole lot of wondering what Rabiot will be up to when it comes to the next contract he will be signing.