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Romano: Juventus’ Carlos Alcaraz buy option ‘will be more than €40 million’

That’s a whole lot of money, honey.

Norwich City v Southampton FC - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Matt Watson/Southampton FC via Getty Images

So much for a quiet Deadline Day at Cotinassa.

Nope, nothing close to quiet. Instead, a move that, at least to those of us who aren’t on the inside, saw as a pretty big surprise will be finalized and Juventus will welcome a young midfielder into their ranks with a very big price tag potentially in the cards over the summer.

Just how big? This big ...

According to Fabrizio Romano, Juventus’ option to make soon-to-be signee Carlos Alcaraz’s loan deal permanent over the summer will cost more than €40 million. That is more than the original price that Romano and others would be around €35 million when news of the deal being nearly done and agreed to a few hours earlier. Other Italian outlets said that the buy option Juve will have was around €40 million, but this is the first we’ve heard that the Bianconeri could be sending over that €40 million mark over to Alcaraz’s current club, Southampton.

Whatever the “more than €40 million” ends up being, Southampton stands to potentially make a very nice profit from a player they bought for £12 million from Racing Club in Argentina just 12 months ago. Racing do reportedly have a 15% percent cut of a future sale, but anything over €40 million still is a nice chunk of change for a club in England’s second division. (Although, they are in third place in the Championship, so promotion to the Premier League is very much possible.)

Of course, since it is an option to buy and not a fixed obligation to buy over the summer that Juventus could decide to opt out of paying such a big amount of money if the 21-year-old Alcaraz doesn’t exactly light things up over the next four or five months.

But there’s also this: Alcaraz has been somebody who has been on Juve sporting chief Cristiano Giuntoli’s radar dating back to when he was Napoli’s sporting director, so this is a player who he has had his eye on for a good amount of time now and even before he signed with Southampton in January 2023. So you have to believe that if Alcaraz shows promise then there’s a pretty good chance Giuntoli and Giovanni Manna will take up that buy option and make the deal permanent.

It’s just another wrinkle in what is going to be a very, very interesting second half of the season for Juventus both on the field and for those folks who are tasked with putting together a roster for the 2024-25 campaign.