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Giuntoli rules out more Juve signings in January as Henderson heads to Ajax

If you were thinking Juventus would sign a midfielder in the next couple of weeks, that doesn’t look very likely.

US Salernitana v Juventus - Serie A TIM Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

It looks as though Cristiano Giuntoli’s first January transfer window with Juventus is going to be a relatively quiet one when it comes to immediately adding to the team that is giving league leaders Inter a run for their money.

Giuntoli, the head of Juventus’ sporting area, essentially ruled out any further additions to the Bianconeri’s roster prior to kickoff of Tuesday night’s win over Sassuolo at the Allianz Stadium. During his customary pre-game chat with Italian streaming channel DAZN, Giuntoli started that outside of Tiago Djaló’s impending arrival, Juve’s January transfer market is closed. This come amidst rumors over the weekend that Juventus had held talks over a potential loan move for former Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson, who was very interested in ending his journey in Saudi Arabia all of six months after it began.

And just for an added bonus piece of information: As this article was being written, Fabrizio Romano gave the “here we go” treatment to the 33-year-old Henderson signing with Ajax after agreeing to terminate his contract with Al-Ettifaq.

Here are Giuntoli’s comments on the January transfer market and the season as a whole:

“At this moment, we have decided to close the transfer market. We decided to put faith in these lads, who had an extraordinary run of results.

“We want to keep winning to break further away from fifth place, as that is our objective and that is what how we go forward.

“It has been a great first half to the season and 46 points after 19 rounds were unthinkable at the start. We have to credit the coach, the staff and the lads for this extraordinary work and we hope to keep it going.

“We are down to the details (with Tiago Djaló) and hope to seal it over the next few days. When he is a Juventus player, then I will talk about Djaló.”

(Source: Football Italia)

The key piece of information is the first quote above: Giuntoli has decided not to make any kind of addition past Djaló for the 2023-24 season because there is a clear-cut faith in how the current roster has played. And they have every right to be confident in them. The No. 1 goal coming into the season was to finish in the top four. Through the first 20 games of the year, Juventus is not only comfortably in second place but also mounting a serious challenge to league leaders Inter and a whopping 16 points ahead of fifth-place Atalanta. That means, barring any sort of major disaster that would likely be one of the more memorable collapses we’ve ever seen, Juventus’ first goal — and the one that Max Allegri continues to remind us of is very close to becoming a formality at this point.

That means as much as we hear rumors about who Juve could be targeting or want to sign, it is probably going to be something that is more set up for the summertime rather than over the final two weeks of January. (And don’t forget, the Djaló signing has been on hold because Juve need to free up some money with the sale of former Next Gen midfielder Filippo Ranocchia to Serie B side Palermo to clear Financial Fair Play rules. That means there just isn’t the wiggle room or the money to make something notable happen.)

Essentially, Giuntoli and Juve like where they’re at and it’s not like the money is really sitting around and available even if they wanted to make a notable move for a midfielder. This is the squad they entered the 2023-24 season with and this is the same one that they will finish it with.