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Facundo Gonzalez’s agent is not happy with Sampdoria

Well this is rather understandable.

Juventus Unveil New Signing Facundo Gonzalez... Photo by Chris Ricco - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

So far, Facundo Gonzalez’s loan move to Sampdoria hasn’t exactly been all that much to boast about. That’s mainly because the young Uruguayan center back has barely seen the field during his first month with Andrea PIrlo in Serie B, only making his official debut this past weekend as a late-game in Samp’s 1-1 draw with Parma.

That doesn’t seem like it was part of the plan for Gonzalez. Or at least that’s what Facundo’s agent is telling us.

Martin Guastadisegno has lashed out at Sampdoria’s management and coaches alike for Gonzalez’s lack of playing time so far this season. Citing that teams in Serie A wanted to sign Gonzalez on loan after his move from Valencia to Juventus before they chose to go to Sampdoria, Guastadisegno expressed his disappointment and worry rather bluntly about how his client’s playing time has been handled so far this season.

Let’s see what Guastadisegno had to say, shall we?

“I’m very worried because Sampdoria didn’t do what they promised. We had many teams in Serie A that wanted him, Sampdoria called us 50 times saying they wanted him to play and I’m really disappointed because I don’t like being told one thing and then something else happening.

“I respect all the players, but I believe that Facundo deserves to play. Let’s see what happens, Sampdoria were a choice made by speaking with the coach, with the director, and they promised him to play.

“I’m very keen and I want to see what will happen. Even Juventus are surprised, they expected a different amount of playing time.”

(Source: Football Italia)

So clearly there is some sort of disconnect between what Gonzalez’s side of things were told and how things are playing out now. Since his move to Sampdoria, has played all of five minutes in his aforementioned debut with the club. That, obviously, was not part of the plan for a player who had yet to play with Valencia’s senior team before moving to Juve.

What does all of that mean? Well, we got some hints. Or basically a forecast into what could happen if the situation at Sampdoria doesn’t improve over the next couple of months.

“Of course, 100% Juventus won’t want him to stay there. I don’t understand why they asked for a player so insistently and don’t let him play. I spoke to Sampdoria ten days ago, they told me he’s young and will play.

“But if it continues like this, he will come back to Juventus in December or maybe go elsewhere. I’m angry at the way things are going.”

Considering how things are going at Samp — both for Gonzalez individually and the team as a whole as they sit in 17th place — seeing him go somewhere else in January certainly seems like a possibility. Whether that’s one of the clubs he was heavily linked to over the summer like Salernitana or somewhere else in Serie A, going to a place where he could get more regular minutes is certainly going to be the prime objective for both Gonzalez’s agent as well as Juventus’ front office.

Maybe his long-awaited debut is a sign that more minutes are about to arrive. It certainly would be nice so that one of Juve’s best young prospects can continue his development.