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Allegri: Juventus norm is to win as many games as possible

Juventus play first home game of the season against Bologna

Juventus Training Session Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

After a confident 3-0 win away at Udinese to start the season, Juventus play Bologna for their first home game of the season. Coach Maassimiliano Allegri spoke during his pre-match press conference about the importance of making a good impression on Sunday.

“Important because it’s the first one in front of our fans. We want to play this game, the stadium will be full and we’ll have to be good at dragging them along with a good game.”

Rumours continue to swirl that Mouse Kean could leave the club.

“Kean has never been out. He took a knock, absolutely nothing happened. He had a relapse after a knock, he’s available tomorrow. Market? There are six days left, I think we’ll stay like this.”

Would Paul Pogba be available for the game?

“He’s better, he had a good week of training. Tomorrow he’ll be fully available and can be used.”

Who was available to the coach for the weekend game?

“Szczesny won’t be there, he received a knock and won’t be there. Perin will play. The other ten? I only have one doubt, I’ll decide tomorrow morning. Actually two, one in midfield and one on the wings…”

Was there a new tactical philosophy in place for Juventus this season?

“There was too much enthusiasm after the first game. That’s fine. But we are at the beginning. We play tomorrow, that will be a good test. Against a Bologna that plays well, has good players in the offensive department.

“Against Milan they created a lot, 17 shots. If you don’t face them with the right attitude, playing a good game, you’re unlikely to bring it home. Enthusiasm is right, but we need calm.

“The norm will be to go back to winning as many games as possible. We must continue to work as we are doing, with desire, trying to improve team and individual situations.”

Was Leonardo Bonucci any closer to an exit?

“With Leo we have already spoken, there is nothing to add. There’s no point, Leo knows the situation, Juventus have been clear and we’re moving forward on this.”

Without European football, were Juventus Scudetto favourites in his mind?

“Last year Juventus with all our problems came third. We have young players with less experience, we have to ride the enthusiasm without overdoing it.

“If we go with just enthusiasm, we can hurt ourselves, we have just started, we have to work calmly. Tomorrow we must try to beat Bologna and it won’t be easy, they will bother many this year.”

The Saudi Arabian league has had an immense impact on European football.

“I have no regrets, I signed a four-year contract and leaving this year after the team was changed by so many players didn’t suit me.

“Saudi Arabia is a reality, they do things well with top and average players. I’m not worried, the world is globalised now. You just have to watch and deal with it.”

What were his expectations for the season?

“I’m not saying that things haven’t gone very well in the last two years. We have a different squad.

“We have to run a lot because the average age has gone down and every year, when we start, I give the team and staff directions on how to work according to the characteristics of the players we have available.”

What did Allegri think his side did wrong late on last weekend?

“We have to try to have better ball management and make better choices, we have to work on that. Udinese was a good win, but we have to improve in many things. We have to stay calm and quiet, we mustn’t get excited in victories nor get depressed in defeats.

“We must evaluate the team’s characteristics and improvements that have been and will be there. We must turn the fact that we won’t play every three days into an opportunity, that is, to be able to work during the week in a different way to what we are used to.”

Juventus have not been very active during the summer transfer window.

“Ours is a good team with room for improvement, we have young players who can only improve. Giuntoli, Manna and I knew that there was little to do in the team.

“It will be better if we do better than last year. Now to say we will win the Scudetto serves you but not us. We have to work and above all think about tomorrow against Bologna.”

What about the Romelu Lukaku move not working out?

“I’m not talking about the market. Vlahovic, Chiesa, Milik and Kean are four very good strikers.

“I don’t know if he’ll go to Roma, I only know that we have five strikers who I am very happy with. I can’t be the judge of what other teams do. When the market ends, we’ll have more clarity.”