The worst big-money signing in Juventus´ history!


In the summer of 2018 Juventus signed a 33-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid with a record transfer fee of 117 million Euros (including a record salary). & what did Juventus get for their investment?

Remembering it was no secret that he was signed to help Juventus win the Champions League because Juventus was already winning Serie A every season without him for 7 seasons in a row.

& in fact, he actually promised to do so.

So how did that go?

Juventus pre-Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2018 =

Absolute rulers of Italy, not only with 7 straight back-to-back Championships but in the last 4 seasons also back-to-back doubles.

& a powerhouse in Europe, & in those last 4 seasons where they were winning doubles in Itay, they also made 2 finals in the Champions League, only going out to other powerhouses Barcelona, Real Madrid & Bayen Münich.

Easily scoring 100+ goals for seasons in a row.

& on Forbes Top 10 list (#9) of Most Valuable Clubs.

= An extremely strong & well-functioning side.

Juventus with Cristiano Ronaldo before he left in 2021 =

No more doubles & in the end not even Champions, struggling just to qualify for UCL ( = Top 4 in Serie A), in fact only being no 5 in Serie A before the very last match, where Cristiano Ronaldo was benched & Juventus then made the 4th spot thanks to Juventus legend Dybala.

A joke in Europe, going out to Ajax, Lyon & Porto.

Struggling just to make 90+ goals a season (only making 100+ once)

& crashed out of Forbes Top 10 list (#11) of Most Valuable Clubs

= A weak & dysfunctional side.

Some Ronaldo fans might then say:

But he scored 101 goals in 3 seasons…

Yes, he did.

BUT Juventus as a team scored less goals & did constantly worse in every way…

= Cristiano Ronaldo was to date, The worst big money singing in the history of Juventus!

& he is not remembered for anything good by Juventinos (Juventus´ real fans).

Draining the clubs resources, not delivering anything the club didn´t already have, being defending Champions & the most successful club in Serie A & on his own promise…

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