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With Giuntoli’s arrival, Juventus’ new-look front office leadership is finalized

The dudes who will try to get the train back on the tracks are here.

Juventus Unveil New Sports Director Cristiano Giuntoli Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

With Cristiano Giuntoli’s arrival officially being announced Friday, arguably the biggest summer signing Juventus will make is now in place. And with it has come a little bit of reorganization amongst those who were already around prior to the month of July.

It is very much expected, but also now things that seem much more in place.

Giuntoli, as Juventus announced with his arrival earlier in the day, has taken over the title of “Director of Football,” with both the total control of the sporting area as well as the duty to report to Chief Executive Officer Maurizio Scanavino. With Giuntoli’s arrival, there have also been other job titles being announced but with the (expected) caveat of them already being in place for a couple of months as the new director’s signing was being negotiated.

Here’s a breakdown of the new roles at Juventus:

  • Director of Football: Cristiano Giuntoli
  • Head of the First Team: Giovanni Manna
  • Managing Director Revenue & Football Development: Francesco Calvo
  • Federico Cherubini: Football Chief of Staff

You see that? That is what we call structure, that is what we call a nicely organized front office and that is what we call somebody calling the shots — in this case Giuntoli — that knows what the hell he’s doing and now can try and lead this club into the future on solid footing.

As we’ve come to know, Manna — who was promoted to the senior squad after some impressive work with the Next Gen team the last couple of years — has handled a lot of the business in the wake of Napoli drawing out Giuntoli signing with Juventus as long as they possibly could. That’s included Juve signing Arek Milik outright after it looked as they it initially wouldn’t happen as well as bringing in Timothy Weah and negotiating a new contract with Adrien Rabiot. It certainly was not a quiet month of June while Juventus waited for Giuntoli to be released from his contract at Napoli and be able to sign with the Old Lady.

The hope is that the arrival of Giuntoli plus the 34-year-old Manna’s rapid rise to one of the most influential directors at the club can combine into something that ends up being something very good for Juventus going into the future. At the very least, we know that Juve’s made arguably it’s biggest summer signing before the first week of July is over — and he just so happens to be the guy who will make a lot of the decisions about who the next few signings in July and August will be.