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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Juve start process to withdraw from the Super League

It’s over. It’s all over. (Until next time?)


Back in early June, Juventus sent out word that the club was in the process of informing the two other two clubs that were still in the European Super League, Real Madrid and Barcelona, that they were ready to withdraw from the defunct project. With the heat of multiple investigations having weighed on the club, it was logical step to try and get into some sort of good graces with UEFA as a potential European ban was loomed over things.

Six weeks later, the process has taken its next step.

Juventus announced Thursday that they have, indeed, began the process of withdrawing from the now-defunct Super League, leaving the two Spanish giants as the only ones hanging onto something actually happening. With Andrea Agnelli now very much not still around to push the idea, Juve’s new management team has put the wheels in motion to try and fully put the Super League experience — and Juve’s previous reluctance to bow out of it — in the past as they await UEFA’s decision on a European ban for next season.

The official declaration of the pulling out from the Super League, courtesy of Juventus’ press office:

Turin, 13 July 2023 – Reference is made to our previous communication dated 6 June 2023, pursuant to which Juventus announced the commencement of a period of discussions with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, clubs not having hitherto announced their intention to exit the Super League project, in respect of Juventus’ proposed decision to exit from said project.

Following such discussions, and given the existing discrepancies on the interpretation of the relevant contractual terms applicable to the Super League Project, Juventus confirms that it has initiated the procedure to exit therefrom, but it also acknowledges that, under the applicable contractual terms, its exit will be completed and effective only if previously authorised by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and the remaining clubs involved in the Super League Project.

There you go. There are the words that many have been hoping to see from Juventus ever since the Super League became a thing that was very much backed by former club president Agnelli. It’s also the words that some Juve fans don’t want to see knowing full well that the Super League was a way to try and close the financial gap on the Premier League giants who are spending massive amounts of money every summer.

No matter how you think of the Super League project, Juve’s involvement is now very much in the past tense. Agnelli’s desire to stay in the project while nine clubs left will be one of the biggest marks on his legacy in all likelihood. And because Juve are withdrawing their name now compared to two years ago, things very much appear to be a way to potentially lessen the discipline that UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin has seemed so thirsty to hand to Juventus the minute Agnelli led the Super League charge.

As noted above, Juventus must need the approval of Real Madrid and Barcelona to leave the Super League — which, at this point, is really anybody’s guess on how that might go.