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Report: Paris Saint-Germain joins the chase to sign Dusan Vlahovic

The French giants with deep pockets have entered the chat.

Paris Saint-Germain v Juventus: Group H - UEFA Champions League Photo by Harry Langer/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

The beginning of the work week saw Dusan Vlahovic report to preseason training at Continassa alongside a large number of his Juventus teammates. At the same time, rumors continued to swirl about just what the Vlahovic market may look like as we had into the middle of July and just about every club reporting for training ahead of the new season.

So what might it look like?

We’ve heard about Chelsea being interested in Vlahovic. Same goes for the Harry Kane-chasing Bayern Munich. Maybe a few other clubs who have a lot of disposable wealth to head out on the transfer market with.

One of those clubs appears to be Paris Saint-Germain, which has become a player in the chase to sign Vlahovic this summer, according to Fabrizio Romano. PSG has already seen Leo Messi leave for Miami and could see Kylian Mbappe head out as well as the battle between the player and club continues, so signing a big goal scorer could very much be in their future no matter the names who leave over the next month and a half. Romano said there have been contacts between Vlahovic’s camp and intermediaries that could allow things to progress as the next couple of weeks go on.

But as Romano reminded us — and probably to the surprise of nobody — whatever PSG might offer Juventus, the Bianconeri will only budge if it’s an “important bid” and nothing less.

What that “important bid” entails certainly remains to be seen. For all of the chatter about Vlahovic potentially leaving, it’s not like other rumor cycles where a potential price is constantly mentioned when teams are thinking of going for a player. Is a price tag looking like €70 million? Is it looking like it’s €75 million or €80 million? Is it something absolutely bonkers that involves pushing a ninth figure?

We don’t really know.

We just know it’s “important.”

We also know that the list of potential teams that can afford Vlahovic is going to be small to begin with we. We know most of those play in England. The others are most certainly Bayern Munich — yes, even though their quest to sign a No. 9 currently involves an Englishman rather than a big, handsome Serbian — and Paris Saint-Germain. That’s it. That’s the list, folks. And if PSG is going to splash cash on a striker this summer like they could very well do so, then making a Juventus side that is in the current financial state that it’s in seems like a decent way to go about things.

But, with the way that Romano has worded things, PSG’s interest in Vlahovic seems very much at the beginning stages rather than anything close to advanced talks. Maybe that changes over the course of the next few days as preseason training gets going around Europe, but for now this seems more PSG genuinely seeing if there’s a chance of something happening more than anything else.