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Juve CEO Maurizio Scanavino says Max Allegri isn’t going anywhere

Apparently it’s still very much #AllegriIn.

Sevilla FC v Juventus: Semi-Final Second Leg - UEFA Europa League Photo by Manuel Reino Berenguik/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Three days after the 2022-23 season officially came to a close and Juventus, at least publicly, have not given us any indication that the club is about to change managers.

This is just the latest instance.

Juventus CEO Maurizio Scanavino was the latest to back manager Max Allegri, telling Sky Sport Italia on Wednesday that the veteran coach “has never been under discussion” and that “there is a total agreement on all future scenarios.” That comes two days after Sky Italia transfer oracle Gianluca Di Marzio said that his feeling is that Allegri is not going anywhere and will be the man to lead Juventus into the 2023-24 season, citing both “technical and economic reasons” for the decision to keep Allegri 2.0 going past the recently completed campaign.

Here’s the full extent of what Scanavino had to say regarding Allegri:

“Allegri has never been under discussion. There is total agreement on all future scenarios, be they market, organisational or sporting in general. With the coach we have always had meetings, or talks, on a daily basis.

“In recent months we have been through this storm together and, in some ways, our relationship has been consolidated very quickly.

“There have been moments of confrontation, even heated ones, but always with constructive criticism and self-criticism, with the idea of always doing the best for Juventus.

“We must not forget the situation, the storm, that we experienced. All things considered, I believe that in the end we did well, even on the pitch with third place conquered and with two semi-finals in the Coppa Italia and Europa League.”

He responded to the Juventus fans hoping to see the back of Allegri this summer.

“We understand the fans’ discontent and they too have experienced a significant emotional upheaval in this period. Certainly Juventus are coming from a period of extraordinary success and situations like the current one have not helped them to achieve the usual satisfaction.

“We need to keep our feet on the ground, setting firm points. We have closed the legal affairs in Italy, Allegri is the right person to give consistency on a sporting level. There are aspects, however, that still need to be resolved and managed, like the financial one.

“We want to start again with humility, commitment and self-criticism to put ourselves back in a position to be competitive both on the pitch and in terms of the game as soon as possible.”

(Source: Football Italia)

So, as rumors continue to swirl about the disconnect between Allegri and Chief Football Officer Francesco Calvo, Scanavino’s comments are pretty much the most definitive comments we’ve gotten from somebody in the new-look Juventus front office about their manager’s future. You can throw out the logic that the previous iteration of the Juve board of directors essentially did the same kind of thing with both Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo only to see the club part ways with both of them shortly after the season ended.

But this just feels different.

This feels like Juventus’ inexperienced front office — and probably Exor chief John Elkann as well — are still very much backing Allegri until we hear otherwise.

There’s always going to be a flurry of rumors and conjecture about what might happen in the days following the season coming to the end — especially so when you’re in a position like Juventus are where your on-field product has been on a downward trajectory for multiple years under the same manager. But the continued backing Allegri despite all of that is very much the thing that hasn’t necessarily changed. He’s got a big salary and the club is in a bad financial state, so parting ways with the highest-paid manager in Serie A, paying him not to coach their team and then paying another manager for the next season or two while Allegri is still on the payroll is not an easy task by any means.

Allegri was steadfast in saying he is not going to resign. Nobody expected him to resign because he’s still got two years left on his contract at a wonderful salary from his perspective. So no matter how many of us feel like Juventus need a change, it doesn’t look like the club is going to budge — for now, at least — from its stance that Allegri is their guy going into the 2023-24 season.