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Romano: Max Allegri has rejected the Saudis’ latest contract offer

I guess Saudi Arabia is just for vacations for a certain few.

Udinese Calcio v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

Money can’t always buy happiness for some people. And apparently an obscene amount of money can’t get Saudi Pro League to lure a big-name manager away from his current employer.

As we all pretty much expected to be the case has now been confirmed by Fabrizio Romano, with Max Allegri giving the Saudis a “thanks but no thanks” kind of response to their latest — and improved! — contract offer. While Romano’s figures on the reported offer differ from what we heard on Saturday, with it being €20 million a season compared to the absolutely wild €30 million-per-season figure, the fact still remains that Allegri is very much not interested in moving to Saudi Arabia and becoming one of the highest-paid managers in the world.

This is crazy. This is just crazy. And it’s crazy just for the simple notion that a league that just about everybody in Europe probably scoffed at mere months ago has offered Max freakin’ Allegri €20 million (or more) a season to come to their neck of the woods.

And even crazier that Allegri is just shooting down whatever offer comes his way.

Call it stubbornness. Call it blind faith in Max believing he is the guy to turn things around at Juventus. Call it a dude who doesn’t want to go anywhere other than where he currently is employed. Call it whatever you want — Allegri is now very much told the Saudis more than once that their oil-rich money and contract offer is something he’s not interested in.

Considering how the last two years have gone, that’s something that not many Juve fans were looking forward to seeing happen. The Saudis coming with their massive contract offer(s) was seen as a possible way out of the four-year Allegri contract that Juventus are current smack in the middle of right now.

If this amount of money — and my god, that’s a whole lot of it — isn’t the thing that gets Allegri to bite, then you have to wonder if anything actually would. At this point, you gotta believe another Saudi offer will go just about the same way that the first two have.