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Romano: Juventus’ offer to Adrien Rabiot is currently ‘the best one on the table’

Doesn’t sound like a bidding war has happened, eh?

Empoli FC v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The end of the work week brought us the development that Juventus were feeling rather optimistic and confident regarding Adrien Rabiot signing a new deal at the club. It wouldn’t be the long-term deal that Rabiot and his Momgent, Veronique, were seeking on the market, but it would keep him at a club that still very much has interest in keeping him around a little while longer.

As it turns out, it appears that contract offer Juve have put forward is the best of the bunch.

Fabrizio Romano has described Juventus’ offer to Rabiot — one that is believed to be for one year at the same €7 million net that he has earned the last four seasons — is currently “the best one on the table.” Adding to that, Romano confirms Juve’s optimism that Rabiot will not be trading in his black and white stripes for some Premier League club’s jersey come a few days from now or after his contract expires at the end of June. (Although, he could technically stay in bianconero if one of his rumored interested parties, Newcastle, tables an offer even after spending big on Sandro Tonali.)

The line of thinking as the 2022-23 season went on that Rabiot’s sudden uptick in production and overall performance level would be the thing that would allow him to get a big contract offer from a club that was in a much better financial state than Juventus. But, with a one-year contract at the same salary that he’s been earning the last four seasons being described as “the best one on the table,” you have to believe that Veronique’s quest to get a massive bag for her son hasn’t exactly been met with open arms.

Remember, it was late last summer in which the Momgent’s salary demands was the reason as to why Rabiot’s proposed move to Manchester United — one that Juve had reportedly agreed to! — fell apart right before the finish line.

The only real reporting when it comes to what Rabiot and his mom were asking for came during the World Cup break in which they were reportedly demanding an annual salary of €10 million net per season. Considering that Rabiot is very much considering a return to Juventus on a one-year deal without the changed salary, it doesn’t look like anybody might have come close to trying to match that number. Or, at the very least, no club was willing to even push the potential price higher than what Rabiot has been making at Juventus since he arrived on a free transfer four years ago from Paris Saint-Germain.

So, if a decision from Rabiot really is coming down within the next few days, then we’re about to find out just how strong the offers were from clubs not named Juventus. And maybe, just maybe, one of Max Allegri’s favorite players on the current roster could be sticking around for at least one more season.