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Report: Juventus growing increasingly confident of Adrien Rabiot renewal


Juventus v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

We certainly got a good amount of run over the Contract Year Rabiot content this past season. It was fitting — the dude who had been rather meh for much of his Juventus career prior to the 2022-23 season suddenly had the best year of his career in the final portion of a four-year contract. It was the kind of season that, you would think, would result in a big-time pay day.

Well ...

According to Sky Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio on Thursday night, Rabiot is increasingly likely to be heading right back to the same club that will see his contract expire in a couple of days. And not just that, it would come in the form of another one-year contract, not the big-time long-term deal that was once expected Rabiot would get on the open market from, in all likelihood, a Premier League side that has plenty of cash to spend this summer.

The kicker in all of this: Rabiot would stay at Juventus on a one-year contract for the same €7 million net salary that he has earned the last four seasons, according to Di Marzio.

Di Marzio describes there being growing confidence at Juventus that they can get this done with Rabiot and his Momgent, Veronique. “The Frenchman is very close to renewing with Juventus,” he writes.

So just when you thought that Rabiot was going to leaving Juve this summer ... maybe not!

The thing is, though, Juventus are now banking on Rabiot very much doing the same kind of thing he did this past season again. This would very much be the kind of deal that has the Juve front office looking at Rabiot and his manbun/ponytail and saying “Do it again, my man.”

That’s something that, based on Rabiot’s up and down history at Juve, that is very much a leap of faith to expect the same kind of production. Or maybe it’s Juventus thinking that Rabiot has finally found the right mix and stability in his game to replicate the kind of season where he scored eight goals and the second-most amount of minutes on the team in Serie A action.

Rabiot has been previously linked to a host of big-money clubs over the last few weeks, including Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Newcastle.