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Reports: Juve reverse course, re-open talks with Marseille for Arek Milik

We back?!

Udinese Calcio v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

Arek Milik might not be one and done at Juventus just yet.

Less than a week after it was reported that Juve weren’t going to pick up the buy option on the 29-year-old Milik, Juve have re-opened talks to bring the Polish international back to Turin this summer. According to reports from Sky Sport Italia and Goal Italia’s Romeo Agresti, Juve are progressing in talks with Marseille regarding the possibility of bringing Milik back for a second season (and possibly beyond) with the Bianconeri. Depending on who you read, Juve are either seeking another loan deal with an obligation to buy or, as Sky Italia outlines, the Bianconeri are willing to pay the €7 million buy option that they originally balked at just days ago.

Marseille, as you might expect, want a simple and straightforward resolution.

Milik, who spent the 2022-23 season on loan in Turin, is reportedly very keen on remaining with Juventus amid interest from Lazio, which is managed by Maurizio Sarri, his former manager at Napoli.

This reversal of course is certainly quite a development considering we sat here less than a week ago and figured that Milik was heading back to France unless something major happened.

Well, that something major has happened.

And no matter if it’s for the €7 million buy option that was built into the original deal or ends up being for something like €5.5 like Agresti has reported over the last 24 hours, Juve have most certainly reversed course when it comes to keeping somebody like Milik who was viewed as a low-cost option when he arrived on loan at the beginning of last season.

What keeping Milik might mean for some of the other strikers on the roster — namely the guy we all thought he was originally brought in to be the backup to, Dusan Vlahovic — still very much remains to be seen as reports continue to swirl that big-money clubs are after the Serbian attacker. For all we know, Milik could end up being Juve’s No. 1 forward to start the 2023-24 season because things are going to be scaled back in a way that we have yet to truly wrap out heads around just yet. (Or maybe you have, and if that’s the case then good on you.)

But unlike last week, the immediate future suddenly looks like it’s going to involve Milik again. Some will think that’s a good thing. Others will think it’s something that doesn’t really move the needle. Either way, we could have Juve’s first move of the summer materializing.