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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 153: The 2022-23 Season Review Extravaganza!

The 2022-23 season is officially in the rear view mirror, so there’s only one thing to do now — look back on what went right, what didn’t and who Juve’s best and worst were.

Juventus v Sevilla FC: Semi-Final First Leg - UEFA Europa League Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

We are a week out from the 2022-23 season coming to an end.

You know what that means? We have our chance to fully look back on what all went down from August to the first weekend of June ... and probably want to bash our heads on our respective desks one last time.

That’s just how it works when you have a season like Juventus just had.

As has become the norm during our run of the podcast, we dish out a few awards — some good, some bad — when it comes to Juve’s recently completed season. You can probably guess which ones had more options to choose from, but again that is what happens when Juve has the season they had.

So, who was the best? Who was the worst?

Who fell right in the middle and was barely mentioned?

Ah, that’s what we’re here to discuss, my friends.

On this week’s episode of The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, we discuss:

  • Some quick thoughts on the rumors of the Saudi Pro League trying to lure Max Allegri to the Middle East with a massive contract offers.
  • The annual season review!
  • Who is the pick as Juventus’ MVP?
  • Who is the pick as Juventus LVP?
  • Who is the pick as Juventus’ biggest surprise player?
  • Who is the pick as Juventus’ biggest disappointment?
  • As we head into the summer and all of the unknowns that come with it, what is something we are hoping happens during the course of the next few months?

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