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Max Allegri’s agent: ‘I don’t think anything sensational will happen’ after Saudi link

Pouring some water on the potential fire, it seems.

Sevilla FC v Juventus: Semi-Final Second Leg - UEFA Europa League Photo by Manuel Reino Berenguik/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

We were greeted by quite the big piece of summer gossip on Saturday morning. The Saudi Super League had reportedly identified its next target in which it aimed to throw its piles of money at — Juventus manager Max Allegri. It was completely out of the blue, but there was La Gazzetta dello Sport saying that a big-time offer worth a lot of money was coming Allegri’s way.

But it didn’t take long for Allegri’s agent to try and cool things down a bit.

Speaking with Sky Sport Italia ahead of the Champions League final in Istanbul on Sunday night, Allegri’s agent Giovanni Branchini put some cold water on the talk of Allegri potentially leaving Juventus and taking the Saudi’s big offer that could be worth as much as three times as he is currently making in Turin. Branchini believes that his already highly paid client won’t bite at the offer that is expected to be presented to Allegri at some point this weekend during a reported meeting in Monte Carlo, stressing how much the veteran manager believes in Juventus and how he doesn’t expect something big to happen.

Here is what Branchini said in full:

“I think not much has changed. I think Allegri is involved in this project which is very complicated, but he is married to it and therefore I don’t think anything sensational can happen. I believe that things have always been said clearly by him and, lately, it seems to me also by the club.”

Now, this could very well just be agent speak to try and take away from the possibility of something actually happening between Allegri and the Saudis. But it’s also true that Allegri has stated publicly at ever opportunity that he has no intention to resign from his managerial position at Juventus, so it’s hard to really get a full read on what might happen when presented this big-money opportunity in Saudi Arabia.

As far as we know, there are two Saudi clubs interested in bringing Allegri aboard — Al-Nassr or Al-Hilal, the former being the newest employer of former Juventus man Cristiano Ronaldo. Al-Nassr was previously managed by former Roma boss Rudi Garcia before he was let go back in mid-April.

Allegri has two more years remaining on his four-year contract that he signed two summers ago that pays him a salary of close to €9 million net a season.