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Report: Angel Di Maria likely to leave Juventus after contract talks break down

Maybe not so unexpected.

Sevilla FC v Juventus: Semi-Final Second Leg - UEFA Europa League Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

After talk of Angel Di Maria sticking around for a second season in Turin, it seems as though the original thought process about the Argentine’s stay with Juventus can be applied.

Although not for the reason we thought he would depart.

According to Fabrizio Romano after Monday night’s 4-1 dismantling at the hands of now-safe Empoli, Di Maria is assessing his options on where to go this summer — which basically translates to the fact that he’s leaving Juventus at the end of the season. The reason, however, is not because he is reportedly heading back to his hometown club of Rosario just yet. No, it’s because, according to Romano, contract talks between Juventus and Di Maria’s camp have broken down over recent days and he is now more of a lock to leave than ever before.

Rather than heading back to Argentina this summer, Romano reports that Di Maria’s “priority remains European football.”

Di Maria, who arrived on a free transfer last summer from Paris Saint-Germain, is one of Juventus’ highest-paid players and had previously stated that he is open to signing a contract extension with the club. However, how much Juve’s off-field issues and the potential lack of European football next season has played into it is uncertain but likely plays a role in things.

We also don’t know how much it’s played a role from Juventus’ side of things, too.

As good as Di Maria was for the first couple of months out of the World Cup break, he has most definitely cooled off in recent weeks. He last scored a goal on March 9 against Freiburg. His last assists was on Feb. 28 against Torino. For a player who is paid as much as Di Maria is and is expected to be one of the team’s main sources of creativity, that kind of production is not exactly meeting the level that many thought he could provide.

So if Juventus is very much going to be without any sort of European football and in desperate need of cutting costs — mainly big salaries to veteran players — is keeping Di Maria around for another season the best idea? This is something Juve’s front office has certainly been considering and could very well be the main reason why contract talks have reportedly broken down.

Either way, it seems pretty clear — as of this day of writing — that Di Maria will be playing elsewhere come next season.