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Juan Cuadrado gets three-game ban for involvement in Juve-Inter fracas

The sporting judge has ruled down on everything that happened Tuesday night.


There is no denying that Juan Cuadrado was a major player in the late drama we saw take place at the Allianz Stadium on Tuesday night. That involves what happened in the final 10 minutes ... as well as everything that took place following the latest instance of a player being racially abused in Italy and the heated exchanges after the final whistle.

On Thursday, we got word of how much time Cuadrado will miss because of what transpired.

The Colombian winger will be suspended for the next three games and handed a €10,000 fine after his actions led to being shown a red card during the post-game melee that also saw Romelu Lukaku shown a pair of yellows. Lukaku — who was the one on the receiving end of the racial abuse and shown a pair of yellow cards — was suspended a game for “misbehaviour towards an opponent and for non-regulatory behaviour on the pitch.” As was Inter goalkeeper Samir Handanovic, who was later seen in video posted online striking Cuadrado in the head right before things got even more heated between the two teams.

The sporting judge has also ruled that the Curva Sud at the Allianz will also be closed for Juve’s next home game against domestic opposition — which just so happens to be against runaway league leaders Napoli on April 23.

The partial stadium ban is very much what should happen after the latest instance of a Black player hearing monkey chants thrown his direction by a group of the opposing team’s supporters. Juventus said in a statement released Wednesday that the club is cooperating with local police in Turin and will do everything they can do punish all of those involved. (Which, unfortunately, is something they have been forced to do more than just a few times in the past.)

It hopefully shouldn’t be too hard seeing as there’s video of at least some of the offenders online, too.

The statement for closing the Curva Sud read as follows: “The supporters of Juventus occupying the first tier of the sector known as the ‘tribuna sud’, during the 35th and 49th minutes of the second half shouted vulgar and insulting choruses and shouts of racial discrimination against the player of Internazionale Romelu Lukaku Bolingoli.”