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Allegri: Juventus desire to beat league leaders Napoli

Coach's comments ahead of grudge match in Turin tomorrow


Juventus take on runaway leaders Napoli in the weekend's highlight game on Sunday night, boosted by the reinstatement of their 15 points as well as qualification for the semifinals of the Europa League.

Speaking during his pre-match press conference coach Massimiliano Allegri looked ahead to tomorrow's game with the Bianconeri looking to go into second place after Lazio's loss today.

“A Napoli that are on their way to winning the Scudetto, they’ve had an extraordinary season and are deservedly winning. It will be a difficult game against a strong team.”

Would Federico Chiesa start given how critical this game is?

“He has the minutes, he played 90 on Thursday. We have to see how he recovers.”

Goals have been hard to come by for Juve this season.

“It’s a moment in which they have difficulty, they are less lucky in scoring goals. From here to the end, they will definitely give us a big hand.”

How motivated would the Bianconeri be after the attacking masterclass Napoli laid on them in the reverse fixture on the way to a 5-1 hiding.

“There is no desire for revenge, there is a desire to beat the league leaders. They are strong, they have proved it in Italy and in Europe.

“Napoli are doing very well, they’ve killed the league by keeping up an impressive roster.”

His thoughts on the whole 15-point deduction fiasco?

“I don’t know if it’s regulation or not, we did what was possible after the penalty. It’s normal that there may have been some effects, but what happened happened.

“We have to pick up the points on the pitch, now we have been given back the ones we had earned.

“Between now and the end we have to pick up as many as possible because we have the goal of playing in the Champions League next year.”

How have his players been dealing with the legal issues.

“It would be too easy to know what would have happened if…. There has been work done on a daily basis with the growth of the players, a balance has been found.

“You can say that it compacted us but maybe we would have had 10 more points without what happened. I am happy with what the boys have done, something important.”

How about Dusan Vlahovic's goal woes?

“This is a path of growth, but it’s not that he has become a poor player now. He has to improve like everyone else, he has to remain calm because he is not in charge of Juventus. The whole team is.”

Was he surprised by AC Milan knocking Napoli out of the Champions League?

“Yes, it was a beautiful match with high technical content. Napoli played the same way, they are in excellent physical condition and above all we will find a team with a great desire for revenge.

“Then for them Napoli-Juventus is always Napoli-Juventus.”