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CONI requests new judgement in plusvalenza case, but official ruling pushed back

A small victory for Juventus, but it’s not over yet.

Andrea Agnelli president of Juventus Fc (R) and Maurizio... Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images

Wednesday was supposed to be the day in which Juventus found out whether or not the 15 points they had earned on the field was coming back or remained docked from their 2022-23 season total.

As the final hours of the night approached, a final verdict was expected.

But, as the clock approached 7:30 p.m. in Italy, that final verdict never arrived.

That’s mainly because after over an hour of meeting in chamber following Juventus’ appeal hearing regarding the 15-point penalty concluded, the Sport Guarantee Board of CONI still hadn’t come to a final decision. There was plenty of speculation out there for people to feast on both good and bad depending on your view of Juventus, but nothing official regarding the Bianconeri either remaining where they are in the standings or jumping back into the top four with the return of their 15 points.

While there isn’t an official declaration of when the verdict will be announced, many in the Italian media believe it will be made public at some point Thursday, potentially running up against kickoff with Juventus’ big Europa League quarterfinal tie against Sporting.

Following the completion of the appeal hearing — which lasted about 2 12 hours — the CONI prosecutor told the assembled media that the 15-point penalty “has a lack of clarity in the motivation that must be appreciated and evaluated by a new judgment.” That has led to many speculating that Juve does have a chance of at least seeing a new trial take place, which would see the 15-point penalty temporarily taken away and see them jump into third place behind Napoli and Lazio.

Juventus President Gianluca Ferrero and the club’s team of lawyers left the courthouse in Rome without making a public statement following the hearing. Ferrero and the rest of Juve’s new board of directors have maintained the club’s innocence in the plusvalenza case, essentially staying on the same track that the man he replaced, Andrea Agnelli, was on from the get-go.

Agnelli is one of the handful of former directors at Juventus who are also awaiting a decision regarding their bans that were also handed down by the FIGC in January.