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Wednesday is a very important day for Juventus

The day we’ve been waiting three months for is finally about to be upon us.

Juventus Shareholders’ Meeting Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Ever since the middle of January, we’ve basically taken two ways of describing Juventus’ situation. One has, as you might have guessed, involved what is going on in front of us both on the field and in the standings, with Juve’s point total being impacted by the 15-point penalty that was handed won by the FIGC. The other, as you well know, has involved the phrase “if the points penalty is reversed” or something along those lines.

Ever since Juventus rightfully said the points penalty was going to be appealed, April 19 has been the date circled on just about everybody’s calendar.

As I write this, it’s the early afternoon on April 18. You know what that means tomorrow is.

The day in which the appeal hearing will be heard at around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 19, at the CONI Collegio di Garanzia. Many are expecting Juventus and those former board of directors members like Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratici to hear whether their respective bans are overturned or not to happen by the end of the day. Considering who’s involved and what’s at stake, there’s bound to be plenty of fireworks — good or bad news afoot — in Rome when the result of the appeals are announced.

At this point, there are three outcomes to Juve’s appeal:

  1. The FIGC’s points penalty is overturned and the 15 points are back in Juventus’ pocket.
  2. The FIGC’s points penalty is confirmed and Juventus will remain in seventh place.
  3. The most unlikely scenario: CONI accepts Juventus’ appeal and send the case back to the FIGC court, with the need for the decision to be clarified. This would mean the points penalty and the respective individual bans would be put on hold. (This could mean a reduced penalty is later given out by the FIGC.)

The very fact that this is going to happen a little more than 24 hours before a decisive Europa League quarterfinal matchup against Sporting in Portugal is setting up important two-day period in Juventus’ season. That’s because if the points penalty appeal is successful, then Juventus will jump four spots into third place right behind Lazio and, more importantly, into a Champions League spot. If the points penalty is confirmed, then Juve’s only way into the Champions League will likely be by winning the Europa League.

Yes, quite the potential emotional swing a day before one of the biggest games remaining on Juventus’ schedule this season.

Juve had been originally cleared of the capital gains charges about a year ago, but the FIGC’s successful attempt on its own appeal has resulted in this whole thing being dragged out and the current squad having to suddenly find themselves in a mid-table standing right after a blowout loss to Napoli in mid-January.

The new Juventus board of directors have continued to maintain no wrongdoing, arguing that documents used in the second trial by the FIGC Court of Appeal don’t represent any new proof of rules being broken. Because of that, Juve says, it should not have led to the 15-point penalty being handed down.