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OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL: Danilo signs contract extension through 2025

The expected is now officially done.

Danilo Luiz da Silva of Juventus FC celebrates the victory... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

For weeks now, Danilo getting a contract extension has been widely assumed. He has openly talked about it, the rumors about the deal being done have been there for a good amount of time and it was just a matter of the thing being announced.

Come Thursday, there was no more waiting.

Juventus announced the long-expected contract extension through 2025 for Danilo, the man who has taken over as captain during Leonardo Bonucci’s long-term injury woes and has guided the squad through one of its most delicate moments in years. Danilo, who turns 32 this summer, has played his way into getting a second contract at Juventus following his much-talked about move from Manchester City that saw defensive-limited fullback Joao Cancelo head to the Premier League.

According to Fabrizio Romano, there is an option to extend the deal further through 2026.

“Danilo has extended his contract until 2025,” Juventus’ announcement read. “So, his story with the Bianconeri continues. And we couldn’t be happier.”

There you go. No surprise. No “Gotcha!” kind of contract extension out of nowhere. This was assumed for weeks and we were all just waiting for the announcement to drop on all of Juventus’ social media channels.

And here it is. The contract extension is official.

Ever since he arrived in the summer of 2019, Danilo has surpassed pretty much every expectation we’ve had of him. He was one of Juve’s better players during their one season under Andrea Pirlo’s watch and has only maintained that form throughout Max Allegri’s second stint as manager. This season has also seen Danilo show some serious versatility as he’s:

  • Played as a fullback in a back four.
  • Played as a center back in a back four.
  • Played as a center back in a back three.

Of his 142 appearances for Juventus, 128 of them have come as a starter.

The biggest difference this season is the small piece of fabric that has been on his left arm for much of the 2022-23 campaign. With Bonucci injured and Allegri clearly shaking things up when things weren’t going so well, Danilo has taken over the captaincy and continued his consistently solid play the entire way. As he displays many times with each appearance he racks up, he’s clearly the on-field emotional leader — which, considering when he took over as the captain behind Bonucci from Juan Cuadrado, came at a key, key moment.

The age in which Danilo is getting this new deal that links him to Juventus into his mid-30s might not be optimal, but you can’t say he hasn’t earned it. And if he’s been a guy who has proven us wrong before, who’s to say that he can’t do it again, right?