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Juventus’ injured players have missed 180 games so far this season

That sure seems like a lot.

Paul Pogba (L) and Leonardo Bonucci (R) of Juventus FC look... Photo by Nicolò Campo/LightRocket via Getty Images

Just like in any sport, injuries happen. And when you’ve played as much football as Juventus as a club has played over the last three years, the risk of injury and players’ bodies breaking down is seemingly higher than it has ever been since the COVID-19 pandemic caused the schedule to become quite compact.

This season, though, injuries have been a constant for Max Allegri and Juventus.

According to a report in Monday’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport, Juventus’ injury total has been something that the club hasn’t seen over the course of the last five years. Gazzetta has dropped a staggering number or two for us to try and wrap our heads around when it comes to Juventus’ injury situation during the 2022-23 campaign:

  • A total of 37 injuries.
  • Of those 37 injuries, 28 have been muscle injuries.
  • An average of 1.32 absences per game, up from 0.99 last season.
  • In total, Juventus players have missed 180 games due to injury this season.

Considering that nearly half of Juve’s roster was out injured in the last few games before the World Cup break in November, this isn’t that much of a surprise. But to see it all added up with a number attached to just how much time the injured players have combined to miss, it’s quite staggering.

By now, you know who the main culprits are when it comes to missed time due to injury. Paul Pogba has yet to appear in an official game this season after injuring his meniscus in late-July, choosing to not get surgery right away, then seeing that route of treatment backfire and be forced to get surgery only to now have muscle injuries pop up right as he is set to actually get back onto the field. It’s a laundry list of injury issues for Juve’s No. 10 and the sole reason why he has yet to make his official debut this season.

The delayed return of Federico Chiesa who was originally expected back in September but didn’t return until early November also contributed to such a high number. Leonardo Bonucci and Angel Di Maria are two of the most notable names who have been in and out of the lineup throughout the first half of the season due to differing injuries.

By Gazzetta’s count, the group of players that have yet to miss time due to injury is a small one: Mattia Perin, Danilo, Daniele Rugani, Federico Gatti, Fabio Miretti and Nicolo Fagioli.

At the moment, Juventus’ injury list consists of Pogba, Bonucci, Arek Milik and Kaio Jorge, who himself has yet to appear in a game for either Juve’s senior or Next Gen squads.