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Weekend Poll: Will Angel Di Maria stay at Juventus beyond this season?

Maybe there’s a chance? Maybe?

FC Nantes v Juventus: Knockout Round Play-Off Leg Two - UEFA Europa League Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

Angel Di Maria is coming off the best game we’ve seen from a Juventus player on the European stage in at least a few years, if not longer. You earn that distinction when you score a brilliant hat trick and show everybody that, at age 35, you’re still very much capable of doing things that don’t happen very often even at the biggest club Italy has to offer.

That has the Italian press speculating.

And speculation is something the Italian press is happy to take part in.

This certain speculation involves Di Maria’s future at Juventus — which, as we know, has basically been something that has always been a bit of a mystery ever since he signed a one-year contract with the Bianconeri last summer. The latest reports out of Italy tell you pretty much what you would expect them to tell you — Max Allegri, who could be facing his own unknown future this summer, wants Di Maria to stick around for another season and put off his expected return to hometown club Rosario in Argentina.

We don’t know, officially, where Di Maria stands in terms of sticking with Juventus for a second season. We know that he says he’s happy in Turin and that’s good, but the Argentinian playmaker has given us no indication in terms of a second season in bianconero is even possible.

But we do know that Juventus are a much better team with Di Maria in the lineup as compared to with him out of the lineup. And when he’s on the kind of form like he’s been on ever since he got back from the World Cup in Qatar, then that’s going to be quite the asset to have no matter how old his birth certificate says he is.

So, does that mean another season with Juventus is even possible? At this point, it’s anybody’s guess. But maybe playing this well has him at least entertaining the thought of putting off his return to Rosario for a little while ... right?


Will Angel Di Maria be a Juventus player at the start of the 2023-24 season?

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