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Police arrests Mohamed Ihattaren, searches his home in the Netherlands

It looks increasingly likely that the young Dutch footballer’s career with Juventus is over.

Press Conference - Ajax Photo by Rene Nijhuis/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they get much worse.

Dutch police arrested Juventus midfielder and troubled youngster Mohamed Ihattaren in Amsterdam on Sunday, the day of the player’s 21st birthday. Of the very few details that police has released and that Dutch media has been able to report, all we know is that they arrested Ihattaren after “a conflict of relational nature.” From the little legal jargon I know, this sounds like some type of domestic dispute/violence, but that’s just my guess from the little information we have. The police also searched his home in Vleuten, Utrecht.

Apparently the incident is unrelated to when he was detained in November due to violent threats.

The sentence that stood out to me in the Dutch media report was the following: “The expectation is that the recent developments will complicate his professional career at Juventus in the near future.” That’s a wonderfully diplomatic way of saying: you’re done.

And as much as I’ve defended the youngster in a recent article I wrote, even I have to admit that this is probably the end of the road for him.

Even former Dutch international and Inter player Wesley Sneijder seems to have given up on Ihattaren. As you might remember, Sneijder offered to mentor Ihattaren and even travel with him to Italy after his loan spell at Ajax. However, Sneijder ended the collaboration just a few months after starting it, claiming that Ihattaren was simply unable to fully focus on football.

What’s next for the 21-year-old footballer?

Honestly, it seems like football is the least of his worries at the moment. He needs to get his life together before doing anything else. Unfortunately, given the turmoil that Juventus finds itself in at the moment, I don’t think anyone at the club has the patience or time to help him do that.