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Prosecutors request Paul Pogba get four-year ban for failed doping test

No surprise here that those who control Pogba’s future want him suspended for a big amount of time.

Empoli FC v SS Juventus FC - Serie A TIM Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

While we don’t know what kind of punishment Paul Pogba will get after failing a doping test all of a couple of weeks into the 2023-24 season, it’s now pretty clear that those who will be on the other side of his upcoming trial aren’t messing around.

Not one bit.

The Anti-Doping Prosecutor’s Office has requested that Pogba — who has been suspended since mid-September — receive a four-year suspension for his failed doping test in late-August due to raised levels of testosterone. Pogba not only failed said doping test after Juventus’ season-opening win over Udinese but then saw a subsequent counter-analysis of the sample also came back with the same results, setting the stage for Pogba and his representation to argue their case when this goes to trial.

The prosecutor’s office request is just the next stage in the procedural process before a trial can begin. According to Goal Italia’s Romeo Agresti and others in the Italian media, there is pessimism regarding Pogba taking a plea deal to get a reduced sentence.

With his name now back in the news after weeks of not hearing much of anything about him, there will surely now be reporting around what Juventus might do with Pogba — who can’t train with the rest of the team and is currently on a minimum salary during his current suspension — if he is to receive a long-term ban. Previous reports suggested that if Pogba got at least a two-year ban that Juve would seek a termination of his contract with immediate effect.

Pogba is currently in the second year of a four-year deal that has him as one of the highest paid players in Serie A.

Juventus’ public statements regarding Pogba’s failed doping test have essentially said that the club is waiting for the entire process to play out before they make a final decision on the player’s future at the club.