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Report: Juve working on new deal for Wojciech Szczesny with a reduced salary

Don’t look now but Tek is quickly closing in on being in Turin for a decade.

Frosinone Calcio v Juventus - Serie A TIM Photo by Daniele Badolato - Juventus FC/Juventus FC via Getty Images

As the calendar gets set to flip from 2023 to 2024, there’s been a whole lot of work done on the contract extension front already this season — which, as we all remember, was going to be a main focus of Cristiano Giuntoli once the summer transfer window came to a close.

A good number of players on that list from September have actually put their name and signature on new contracts that have tied them to the club for the long term.

While there are still some very big names still with new contracts to potentially sign, one of Juventus’ longest-tenured players is working on his own new deal, too.

According to Italian transfer reporter Nicolo Schira on Sunday, Juve and goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny are in talks for a new deal that would tie the club’s No. 1 keeper through 2026. The 33-year-old Szczesny, per Schira, would also take a salary cut as part of the deal, something that his predecessor, Gianluigi Buffon, commonly did during the latter part of his first tenure with Juventus.

And if Szczesny does indeed even come close to stay with Juventus through the 2025-26 season, then it will mark a decade at the club. (He would also 36 years old at the time that deal would expire.)

Szczesny is currently one of Juventus’ highest paid players at €6.5 million net per season.

Ever since the rumors started coming out about Giuntoli wanting to get a lot of contract extensions done over the next few months, Szczesny was one of the few that were expected to be at a potentially lower salary number. In part it was to spread out the amortization of his current salary, but if Szczesny is to take on a lower salary — to the extent of which we don’t really know about just yet — then it’s a pretty big win for Giuntoli and company.

Szczesny has, outside of the disaster against Sassuolo, had another strong season in goal for Juventus. Even with rumors coming and going every few months that the club might be looking at a long-term replacement for him, Szczesny continues to be a stable presence in goal. Combine the fact that somebody like Mattia Perin is Szczesny’s backup and Juve can again boast that they have arguably the best goalkeeper room in Serie A.

Sure, extending players in their mid-30s is always going to be a risk simply because of their age. But in terms of his performance level at the age of 33, Szczesny has proven to be pretty damn consistent and potentially somebody who can able to continue playing at that level the next couple of years.