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Paul Pogba’s anti-doping trial to begin in mid-January

Another month to wait and see what the future holds for one of Juventus’ highest paid players.

Juventus v Bologna FC - Serie A TIM Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

If Paul Pogba wants to have any chance of avoiding a lengthy suspension and not seeing the rest of his prime years wiped out, the case will be made next month.

It was announced Tuesday that Pogba’s hearing in front of the Italian anti-doping tribunal will take place on Jan. 18, with the French midfielder’s representation set to put forward their case that he didn’t knowing take something that resulted in an failed doping test after Juventus’ season opener against Udinese in August. Pogba requested that there be a B sample submitted and tested, but those results came back with the same results as the original, setting the stage for where we are today and awaiting a trial to begin.

The prosecutors in the Pogba doping case have requested that he receive a four-year ban, one that would stretch into his mid-30s. (And maybe mark the end to his career, you’d think.)

It has been previously reported by Goal Italia’s Romeo Agresti and others in the Italian media that Pogba’s legal team will not seek a plea deal to try and avoid a lengthy ban in the same kind of fashion that Nicolo Fagioli did with his betting case earlier this year.

Directors at Juventus have continuously said that they are going to wait and see the legal process play out before they make a decision regarding Pogba’s future at the club. Pogba has 2 12 years left on the four-year deal he signed when he returned to the club on a free transfer in the summer of 2021 to much fanfare.

However, that return has not gone anywhere close to as well as anybody hoped when he strolled into J Medical for the first time a couple of summers ago for his medical tests.

It’s been the opposite really, with his failed doping test being the biggest disappointing development in a very long series of them that took place in a little over a year’s time.