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Paul Pogba tests positive for testosterone on counter-analysis doping test

The midfielder could be suspended from football for 2-4 years.

Empoli FC v SS Juventus FC - Serie A TIM Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Unfortunately, what we all expected to happen has indeed happened. After the shocking news that he had tested positive for testosterone, a banned substance that increases athletes’ performance, and was provisionally suspended, Paul Pogba requested a counter-analysis to confirm the validity of the first test. The news today confirms that Pogba also failed that test, thus exhausting his legal avenues to fight this verdict. He faces a ban from football of two to four years.

While it was his legal right to request a counter-analysis, I don’t think (m)any of us expected it to overturn the original test. Frankly, it may have caused even more controversy if that happened, especially Juventus’ reputation (whether that reputation is justified or not).

As for the injury-plagued Pogba, this verdict effectively ends the 30-year-old’s career. While I don’t believe Pogba acted with malice and intentionally consumed testosterone in order to cheat the system, it doesn’t really matter at this point. In the eyes of the law he is, unfortunately, guilty and must face the consequences. And as my wife always wisely says, you can choose your actions but you can’t choose your consequences.

It remains to be seen what Juventus will do with the Frenchman’s contract, which expires in the summer of 2026, but I’m sure the club prepared for this and has already explored all legal actions they can take.

This story will be updated as more news is released.