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The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, Episode 175: It’s Derby della Mole time for Juventus

After a week in which Juventus’ performance resembled those of the previous two years, the Bianconeri head into the final game before the October international break looking to pick up three points against cross-town rival Torino.

Juventus v Torino FC - Serie A Photo by Stefano Guidi/Getty Images

We are 90 minutes of game time away from another international break. For some, that’s good news because of the way Juventus has played the last couple of weeks. For others, it’s an international break that will (hopefully) be boring and not like the last time club football took a rest for a couple of weeks (even though many of the players weren’t resting at all).

Those 90 minutes, though ... they are going to be rather fiery.

That’s because the final game before the October international break is the first Derby della Mole of the season, with Allianz Stadium being the venue for Big Brother and Little Brother of Turin stepping onto the field together again. Juventus are not exactly playing all that well of late as the high-flying win over Lazio seeming so far away consider what the last couple of weeks have been like. Then again, you can probably say the same about the team they’re playing this weekend.

It all adds up to a very interesting night on the black and white side of Turin. Hopefully.

On Episode 175 of The Old Lady Speaks Podcast, we discuss:

  • It’s Turin derby time! Throw out the form guide!
  • As much as we joke, the Derby della Mole has been hard to predict over the years despite Juventus’ overwhelming success over city rivals Torino.
  • Juventus are coming into Saturday’s derby not exactly on the best run of form the last couple of weeks. The same can be said about Torino, who have struggled quite a bit to consistently score goals so far this season.
  • Some players we’re going to be keeping an eye on as Juventus host Torino this weekend.

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