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Allegri: Juventus need to get out of this vortex as quickly as possible

Coach bemoans stark reality of the present after home embarrassment against Monza

Juventus v AC Monza - Serie A Photo by sportinfoto/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

The hits just keep on coming. Like a punchdrunk prizefighter past his prime, Juventus have been just taking on the jabs and bodyblows, and are now reeling as a result. Today’s home embarrassment and fizzled-out late reaction are only driving home the point that this franchise feels mired in midtable mediocrity, and not aspiring to greatness. It might take the new Board some time to find their feet, but in that period the awkward crossover between phases has been (concerningly) entrusted to an increasingly out-of-touch Massimiliano Allegri.

Speaking after today’s defeat, Allegri sounded pensive.

“I don’t think we’d ever played a first half like that and we should reflect on that. It went better after the break, but we must admit responsibility for the overall performance.”

The defeat came with another injury to a squad member, this time Arkadiusz Milik picking up a thigh injury to effectively end any chance of a comeback.

“Milik has a flexor issue, he will be out for a while.”

Youngsters Matias Soule and Samuel Iling Junior provided the most energy on the day for a weary Juve side.

“With Atalanta it was a strange game, but I look at the statistics. In three games we picked up one point, conceded 10 goals including some frankly easy ones today. It is not possible to concede from a throw-in, they got through us with embarrassing ease.

“We were sluggish and didn’t even react after the first goal they had disallowed, which was a warning. We’ve been making too many mistakes and haven’t had the right mentality, but the attitude in the second half was completely different.”

While there is an appeal in process against the 15-point deduction the club have been hammered with, Allegri cautioned it should not be assumed it would be revoked.

“We must be aware of the position we have in the table at this moment, not of the 38 that we earned. We have 23 points now and must act like it. So after today’s defeat, we have to work on that situation, which momentarily is the real one.

“Every game is decisive, we need to get out of this vortex as quickly as possible. We have one point from three rounds and that should not happen. We were unbeaten at home until now. Monza are a good side, but we cannot concede those two goals so softly.

“Anyone who is not able to get it done, it is only right they are left out.”

Regarding the longer than usual delay between the end of the game and Allegri coming out to speak to the media, the coach reiterated what he said to the players.

“I told them the exact same things I just told you.”