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Landucci: Juventus need to get down to action

Assistant coach's comments after latest debacle for the Bianconeri

AC Monza v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Cottini/Getty Images

Looks like things will continue to get worse before they get better for Juventus, but it's also increasingly looking likely that any sort of recovery for the Bianconeri will be led by someone other than Massimiliano Allegri.

The coach, who watched this one from the stands after his sending off late on last weekend, oversaw Juve slip to a defeat against league newcomers Monza who logged their first ever Serie A win 1-0. After the game though, it was assistant coach Marco Landucci who came out to meet the press, and started by addressing the red card that saw Angel Di Maria sent off and leaving Juve down to ten men.

“We need to do better, certainly. The red card affected the game, Angel was a bit harassed by Izzo, a player who we know uses these tactics, and he fell for it. I didn’t see the replay, I was told it was the right decision to send him off.

“We had a few chances to score in the second half, but this is the time where talking doesn’t achieve much, we need to get down to action.”

Not only did Juve not show a reaction after a disappointing loss to Benfica, they looked completely flat and out of ideas or effort.

“Perhaps the defeat to Benfica was more of a psychological blow than we realised, but again these are excuses and excuses are of no help. We just have to shut up and work hard.

“Obviously, nobody is happy right now, but in order to emerge from this situation we can only work hard and do better. We seem to start well and then stop playing, so the only method is to work and everyone raise their game to work in the same direction.

“Allegri is suspended and not allowed into the locker room, so I haven’t seen him yet.”

A lot of the players look checked out this early in the season, clearly there’s some issues in this squad right now?

“No, it’s a great group, that’s never been an issue. Clearly, when four or five players are missing, that is felt, but again mustn’t be an excuse. We just need to do better, lift our heads and reply with action rather than words.

“These problems can be resolved and I am convinced we can do better. It looks all black right now, but we need to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s only normal that the fans will protest, because Juve certainly need to do better.”

AC Monza v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Chris Ricco/Getty Images

Di Maria apologized to the fans on social media for his part in today’s debacle.

“I wish to apologise to everyone for that inappropriate reaction I had on the pitch.

“Having left the team a man down in such a difficult moment of the season made us lose the game. It is purely my fault that we lost.

“I am so very sorry. I am a professional, but also a human being who makes mistakes and can recognise them.”