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Report: Juventus give up on Memphis Depay, turn focus toward Arkadiusz Milik

Here’s something that will certainly cheer you up.

UEFA Europa Conference League semi-final”Olympique de Marseille v Feyenoord Rotterdam” Photo by ANP via Getty Images

The day after a tough game, you want to hear about something that will pick up your mood, something that will maybe turn a tiny bit of the pessimism into optimism again. With it being the time of year that it is, that can usually come through the transfer market and your favorite club getting a player that will make them better than they were 24 hours earlier.

Juventus might not be cooperating in that aspect of things.

According to Sky Sport Italia’s Gianluca Di Marzio, Juventus’ front office held a transfer market meeting with manager Max Allegri on Tuesday and has decided to turn its attention toward Marseille striker Arkadiusz Milik. This is due to the fact that Juve’s previous choice for the striker position, Memphis Depay, has reportedly asked for more money after he terminates his contract with Barcelona — which seems close to happening — and gone for the long-rumored name in Milik, who has seemingly been linked with Juve over the last three or four years since leaving Napoli.

Juventus and Marseille have reportedly agreed to a €2 million loan fee with an option to buy worth around €8 million. Juve has yet to agree to personal terms with Milik, according to Di Marzio.

From Memphis to Milik. This just seems like it’s a downgrade on every level. Clearly Juventus wanted somebody capable of supplying goals as well as providing cover for Dusan Vlahovic, but at least with Depay you could see a clear improvement over what Juventus currently has. Milik, who hasn’t come close to replicating his best years at Napoli since departing Naples, doesn’t exactly scream a whole lot of improvement the way Depay did.

But because Depay’s demands reportedly became too much for Juve’s taste, they changed course and quickly agreed to this deal with Marseille.